Jarrett "etrain11" Felix
Upper Dublin High School, Muhlenberg College, The Real World
Jarrett is a track enthusiast who suffers from multiple personality syndrome and sometimes prefers to go by the alter ego "etrain11". He is the founder of both and and the creator of etrainLXV. His favorite event is the 800m, but he has competed in a variety of races ranging from the 400m up to the marathon. His favorite runners are Robby Andrews and Ben Havleck (who is technically not real).

People may be surprised to know that Jarrett has other interests outside of running, including wearing a Steph Curry shirt (24 straight days) and pretending to be interested in other things besides running. Contrary to popular belief he does not live in his mom's basement. He has often been described as quirky, interesting and having too much time on his hands.

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Writers from blogging past ...

Great Valley High School, Virginia Tech
As if Jarrett’s multiple personality disorder wasn’t confusing enough, Garrett has stepped in to provide only a single letter change to the names of writers on this blog. Garrett was a distance runner throughout high school focusing specifically on the 3200m and 5000m. However, he has competed in every race from the 400m to the 8000m. He is looking forward to building up his mileage with his brother and old teammates this summer.

When not annoying his friends with random statistics and names, Garrett analyzes the stock market and study's economics at Virginia Tech. He is a die-hard Pittsburgh fan, which can arouse some disapproval from his friends near Philadelphia. Follow Garrett on Twitter for obsessive tweets about football, poor attempts at humor, and of course plenty of track talk.

Caleb Gatchell
Red Lion High School, Hillsdale College
Caleb Gatchell was homeschooled K-12, but was able to compete on Red Lion’s Track and Cross Country teams in high school. He didn’t begin running until his Junior year of high school, however. Before that he played soccer for 8 years, as well as whatever sport was in season with his brothers. He's always viewed himself as more of a track guy, with my specialty being in the 800-Mile range. That being said, he does really enjoy cross country as well.

Now for the interesting stuff. He is currently a student at Hillsdale College in southern Michigan where he is an accounting major, with planned minors in Math and Economics. He does have a few other interests outside of running, including professional sports teams from Boston, except for the Patriots, Duke Basketball, Penn State football, anything involving numbers, and last but not least, sports journalism. He's not particularly skilled or experienced at the last one, but it is something he really enjoys, which is why he's here.

Sean Collins
Carlisle High School, University of Pennsylvania
With Sean joining the blogging community, we’ve added another statistics-loving, college male who still loves to talk about the “Glory Days” of high school running and fan girl over running shorts. Okay, the last part is probably only Sean. While Sean has competed in cross country, track fits his stride much better than the hills of Parkview. Throughout high school and his first season of indoor track in college, Sean has competed in every event except the Steeplechase, two-mile, mile, weight, hammer and javelin (soon to happen come Spring track). Finally, he is perhaps the only 4x1 state medalist to have ever checked Etrain’s original site.

Away from the track, Sean is studying Math (and Statistics and Economics and who knows what else) at the University of Pennsylvania. Even though he now calls Philly home, he still roots for Duke Basketball and the Boston teams just like Caleb. You can follow him on Twitter (@Collinsean1) for sassy comments about snuggling, track, and useless comments about boys. There may even be a few retweets from Brendan Shearn on there too.

Oneonta High School, Muhlenberg College, Cornell University
Alex is a fan of many realms of the sporting world, but thanks to his bonding with Jarrett of ignoring finals and watching the NBA playoffs, has decided to contribute to his buddy’s blog. Alex ran track for three years at high school and ran cross country and track for one year at Muhlenberg. He has run distances ranging from 800 to the half marathon, preferring the longer distances given his complete lack of speed. After surgery in the spring, Alex is currently training for a half marathon in the summer, with goals of break 1:20 and eventually moving up to the marathon in an attempt to qualify for Boston

Outside of running, Alex is currently enrolled at Cornell’s ILR School and aspiring to be Andy Bernard. He enjoys sending and receiving snapchats of cats, Josh Elkan’s orange Adidas sweatshirt, and consuming foods based on their temperature. Alex has a history of mocking Jarrett for this blog, but totally made up for it, as he taught Jarrett to make hot chocolate from a mix. If you enjoy jokes you may not understand or retweets of references to Arrested Development, you can follow Alex on Twitter @alexfakx.

Mt. Lebanon High School, The Ohio State University
Evan has dabbled in every sport under the sun, including several years as the kid that played when other kids got hurt on his middle school football team.  Evan began running in 8th grade and quickly developed a love for the sport.  After a lackluster freshman year which ended with PRs of 19:58 and 12:04, Evan vowed to work his way up the team.  By his senior year, he was a state qualifier in cross country (though he barely finished the race), and not to mention an avid reader of etrain’s original blog.  After his senior year of high school, Evan decided to contact PADon’tPlay in an effort to provide in depth coverage of Western PA, something he had noticed was not always there before.

Nowadays, Evan attends The Ohio State University where he runs club cross country and track.  He enjoys playing with a strange Japanese toy known as kendama, regular trips to Tai’s Asian Bistro and following high school track so closely that most would consider it a problem.  If you want to dive further into Evan’s life you can follow him on Instagram (@evanhatton) or Twitter (@E_Hat21) where he posts videos of him playing with the aforementioned kendama and retweets quotes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Paul Hayes

West Chester East High School, Virginia Tech
Paul is some weird nerd who, despite no longer running, living in PA, or being in high school, still avidly follows the PA high school running scene. He started swimming competitively when he was 8 and still does to this day. In 10th grade, a friend told him that if he enjoyed swimming back and forth in straight lines, he would probably also enjoy running in circles repeatedly (He was right). This lead to him competing in track distances ranging from the 400m up to the 3200m, and doing one year of JV cross-country. His greatest running accomplishment ever is defeating Chris Cummings in a chocolate milk-mile.

Despite not being very good at distance running, Paul loved the training and seeing the connections between running and other sports, namely swimming. He is here to examine various aspects of training, mostly on cross-training and what non-running activities can be done to improve running abilities. When not making excuses as to why he isn’t running anymore (he’s starting to miss it), he enjoys somehow managing to completely avoid Garrett Zatlin (despite living on the same campus), doing any sport that isn’t running, and following NCAA swimming.

Camp Hill High School, Shippensburg University
I began running in 10th grade (after an illustrious pole vault career that started and ended in 9th grade track after I failed to make opening height during practice) and immediately developed an obsession with it. I've competed in events ranging from the 400 to 3200 on the track and also cross country. I can definitively say that I'm more of a cross country guy. This upcoming fall I will begin my tenure at Shippensburg University as a member of both the cross country and track teams. Tentatively, my goals for the upcoming campaign are to win PSAC Freshman of the Year in cross country and to complete a single 3000 meter steeplechase without falling once in track. That second goal might be a little lofty given my coordination skills, but I'll leave it out there.

Outside of running, I can be found memorizing useless sport statistics, arguing why Michael Slagowski would beat Drew Hunter in a Mile, claiming Tyrann Mathieu is the best DB in the NFL (it's not even close),  berating anyone who disagrees with me on Twitter, or studying Journalism at Shippensburg. More often than not, I can be found doing all five of those things simultaneously. Speaking of Twitter, if you're into sports or just wanna see something funny, I'm usually reliable for at least one of the two. @blake_behney.

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