As I've said before the DMR is my favorite part of indoor track and field. It's a really cool event that combines a lot of aspects of running and I wish we could see it more on the top level. So I took a little time to flip through some numbers and look at the potential top DMRs right now in the NCAA.

It's been a while since Oregon was truly relevant in the DMR, really since the Galen Rupp days. And they have even had Wheating and Centro and Greer come through but it hasn't meant much. Maybe this is the year? They have the NCAA champion in Ed Cheresek, the super frosh who looks destined to run sub 4 if he focuses in on it. Mac Fleet is the NCAA champion at 1500m and spent the summer running in the 3:38ish and 1:46 range, improving his PRs nicely. Mike Berry I believe still has a year of eligibility as well and he is an unbelievable 400m guy who can run in the 44 mark in the right race outdoors, especially on a split. Boru Guyota is a 1:48 guy a year ago with a 1:47 PR, Jeremy Elkiam is a sub 4 miler with great strength, Russell Hornsby is a sub 1:50 guy with good strength and quietly Eric Jenkins is sitting back waiting to make a statement on the track. He's a sub 13:20 guy with sub 4 minute mile speed. Also I'm not sure on Dunbar's eligibility, but just throw another sub 4 type in there and you have great depth and ability in the Oregon locker room. Lastly Brett Johnson is a sub 4 and 1:50 type to throw in the mix.

Also I love Oregon, I got a new Oregon sweatshirt for Christmas. I'm gonna rep them all day.
Nova has had the pieces to compete in the DMR for years. Fitzsimons was a 1:47 low guy on a split out of HS with great strength and is starting to come into his own with PA's own Sam Ellison who has a PR at 1:47 in the open 8 and a penn relays split at 1:47.3. Ellison may have the fastest 800m mark of anybody from PA history, somebody would have to check the stat on that but it's up there. These guys are stud 800m men.

But they aren't the real strength of the Nova DMR argument, that belongs to Sam McEntee and Jordan Williamsyz, the two foreign boys who flanked Merber at Swat a couple years back. They are both 3:36ish types who can run 3:55 miles give or take. They are fast and Williamsyz has some nice 800m speed which makes him arguably the best 1200m league in the NCAA.

Young Ben Malone was added to the roster, Josh Lampron sits on the bench, both a couple high school studs at 1500m down around 3:45. And you can't forget Rob Denault a sub 4 miler a year ago indoors or perhaps the biggest weapon of all Patrick Tiernan, the freshman who was 9th at NCAAs in XC! He has dropped a 3:49 before the big XC improvements.

Penn State
PSU loses their stud 800m man Cas Loxsom, but they didn't even utilize him last year and still ran one of the best marks in the NCAA. They still have all 4 members of their second place squad from a year ago. Robby Creese is a dynamic sub 4 anchor runner and Brandon Kidder is coming off a breakthrough outdoor season a year ago. Add in Zavon Watkins, who has already opened with an impressive 1200m and has split 1:47.99 before ... as a sophomore in high school. Plus we have Cheltenham's own Brandon Bennent-Green whose PR is in the 45s.

Oklahoma State
After getting 5 different guys under 4 minutes indoors, OK State went out and added another star in Chad Noelle, a sub 4 miler transfer from Oregon. OK State has Kirubel Erassa and Thomas Farrell back as sub 4 guys a year ago. Erassa was in the mix to be a 3k champion for the orange cowboys last year indoors before being dragged a bit by Jenkins. Plus this team is going to be a little pissed after getting beat in XC by a couple squads. They just need to find some speed at 800m because this is really a group of 5k guys with the exception of Noelle. But they made it last year to the title match and I expect to see them back.

Jim Rosa is coming off a stunning XC season where he ran amazing at Nats. And he has his work cut out for him if he wants to make this relay. Tyler Stutzman and Mike Atchoo were a pair of sub 4 milers for this team who bookended the relay in the big meets. Atchoo proved he can kick hard at the NCAA level against top level competition leading to a variety of sneeze jokes.

The problem right now for the Cardinals is going to come at 800m. They lose Ferris and Stutzman was their top guy last outdoor season. They would prefer to have him at 1200. Stanford will rely on a big year for PA's own Luke Lefebure. He has been on the verge of a break out season for years now and this may be the year. If it is, Stanford will be very dangerous.

Marco Bertolotti is another who could surprise. There you go Bobby. And hey maybe Sean McGorty can sneak his way in there somehow?

The Badgers had a disappointing XC season, but they are much better built for the track this year. The squadron features Alex Hatz, a sub 3:40 man at 1500m this year and Rob Finnerty, a 4:01 high school miler who, when it clicks, is down around 3:40 himself, and lastly Austin Mudd, a guy with sick range at 800 and 1500 stretching from 1:47ish to 3:40ish. He could be the best 1200 guy in the NCAA if he goes after it, but he has realistic NCAA title hopes in the mile with his kicking ability.

Outside of the big three you got Zach Mellon, a stud high school 800m guy who can still run under 1:50 yearly. Also Reed Conner has found a way to run down around 3:44 despite being a great strength and 5k kind of guy first and foremost. Reed was an anchor of a national champion DMR in high school.

Kemoy Campbell is a baller, there is no other way to spin it. He didn't finish his XC season perfectly, but he is Jamacian and a front runner, a couple qualities that don't play to your advantage at a muddy, cold, windy meet in Indiana. But Kemoy ran sick indoors last year and was right in the mix to win the 3k over Lawi. He can run a great anchor leg and he is fearless. 3:41.00 and 13:32 PRs to work with.

To build around Kemoy they have a few nice pieces. Drew Butler ran the 12 on a national champ team in college and can run strong at that distance when healthy. Patrick Rono has a PR at 1:46.49 and is no joke of a runner at that distance. Tomas Squella as a freshman last year ran 1:46 indoors in an absurd race. He has rarely came even close to that mark, but if things click he is dangerous. Ryan Thomas ran 1:48 last year outdoors, he was another freshman with killer ability. Stanley Kebenei ran a 3:47 in the 1500 a year ago which is another solid mark to consider.

Sleeper pick: Colorado 
Ben Saarel, the stud freshman in Boulder, was a sick miler in HS with great potential to break the 4 minute barrier in the right race. Pair him with Jake Hursyz who ran 3:40 a year ago and 3 other teammates who have run 3:47 or faster and new arrival Morgan Pearson. The team is the NCAA XC champs and if they can find some speed they will be dangerous.

IAAF World Relay Championships

So if you haven't heard, the distance relays are cool again! At the 2014 world relay championships, which will be sponsored by the IAAF and held in Nassau in the Bahamas, will occur at the end of May, not quite ideal training spots for the world's top athletes. However, this is still an exciting new concept and event and, because this is the first time we have seen such an event, there is room for lots of speculation about what is to come!

Do I think all the world's top athletes will jump on board? No I honestly do not. But I have heard that Nick Symmonds, our best 800m man in the US, is interested and looking to go after the world record in the 4x8. So maybe other patriotic athletes world wide will be down to jump into the pit.

Let me give you an idea of what the schedule is going to look like for the distance relays. There are no prelims in the distance relays.
Day 1 (May 24th)
18:10 Men's 4x800m Final
19:28 Women's 4x1500m Final

Day 2 (May 25th)
18:39 Men's 4x1500m Final
19:00 Women's 4x800m Final

The world records in these events are as follows:
Men's 4x800m- 7:02.43, Kenya 2006 (US is #2 AT 7:02.82 in the same race)
Men's 4x1500m- 14:36.23, Kenya 2009 (US is #7 AT 14:46.3h 1979)
Women's 4x800m- 7:50.17 USSR 1984 (US ran AR at Penn Relays last year 8:04.31)

No Women's WR in the 4x1500m is listed on the IAAF Website, but in 2013 Michigan won the 4x1500m relay at Penn in 17:15.47, which was the fastest time of 2013 (this relay is not often run). I'd imagine the world record is down near 16 minutes if nations have taken legit shots at it.

So what can the US do at this meet?

Here are the 800m pieces we have at our disposal on the men's side with their 2013 best mark listed:
Nick Symmonds 1:43.03
Duane Soloman 1:43.27
Brandon Johnson 1:43.84
Tyler Mulder 1:44.34
Charles Jock 1:45.01
Elijah Greer 1:45.04
Joe Abbot 1:45.04
Michael Rutt 1:45.08
Erik Sowinski 1:45.21
Mark Wieczorek 1:45.36
Brian Gagnon 1:45.45
Cas Loxsom 1:45.75

Not included in this group are guys like Robby Andrews (1:44.71 PR) and Ryan Martin (1:44 man as well). Andrews suffered through groin problems a year ago but has proven he is a superb relay runner with multiple wins at the Penn Relays. Loxsom has a nice resume of relay legs at Penn at 800m and 400m. Jock's PR is under 1:45 and Symmonds and Soloman have bests under 1:43 from London. Sowinski is the American Record holder indoors for 600m and is a guy on the rise this year. And always lurking is Andrew Wheating, sitting back with a 1:44 PR and lots of nice relay accomplishments.

1:45.00 a man gives you 7:00.00 which is well under the world and american records.

In the 1500m we have the following guys (again 2013 bests):
Leo Manzano 3:33.14
David Torrence 3:33.23
Matt Centrowitz 3:33.58
Jordan MacNamara 3:34.00
Garrett Heath 3:34.12
Andrew Bayer 3:34.47
Lopez Lomong 3:34.55
Nick Symmonds 3:34.55
Cory Leslie 3:34.93
Will Leer 3:35.27
Craig Miller 3:35.48
Jack Bolas 3:35.54

If you move to the next few spots along the list you see names like Galen Rupp, Bernard Lagat and Evan Jager as well as Matt Elliot, Mac Fleet, Russell Brown and Andrew Wheating. We have a real lot of pieces here when you look at it.

Wheating has a PR of 3:30 from not that long ago. He has really been a funk as of late but he is a powerful untapped resource in both events. Galen Rupp was in 3:50 mile shape indoors last year so if he wants to be in sharp 1500m shape he can be in late May. Lagat is getting old and perhaps a bit past his 1500m prime, but he does have a 3:26 PR and the power of ageless wonder on his side ....

Lopez Lomong, Leo Manzano and Matt Centrowitz all have PRs at 3:32 or faster and Manzano and Centro both have silver medals to their name. These guys were the 4 to make the world champs team last year. Matt Elliot was the surprise fourth place finisher with a 3:36 PR and some good racing tactics.

Other guys like Miles Batty and Mac Fleet have had great runs at the NCAA level and just need to turn the corner to become elite at the professional level for the US. And of course Robby Andrews has a PR of 3:34 in an effort that almost bested Mo Farah and Galen Rupp in 2012.

So clearly there are pieces here. An average of 3:35.00 gives a total time of 14:20.00 which would be under the current world record in the 4x1500m by 16 seconds and under the American Record by over 26 seconds.

Given the runners the US has at their disposal it seems that the question is not, will the world records in these events be broken on the distance side, but rather how much will they be broken by?

Indoor Track: AKA TFCAofGP Track

Not trying to start a big war here, but clearly the numbers show that District One is the best district in track and field. It should be, it has the most people to chose from and provides excellent competition year round among great teams. However, what I find intriguing is that this Philly Area (including the PCL in this group for both indoors and outdoors) dominance is greater indoors than outdoors when I look through previous years results indoors.

Looking at past years results, it's clear that if you live in the Philly Area you have a big time advantage when it comes to indoor track. I did a simple comparison on the distance side over the past 5 years between the indoor results at states and the outdoor AAA results to make sure that my suspicions were accurate and the numbers back up my claim.

The study is probably flawed in favor of showing that this trend does not hold, and it still does. Why? We are only looking at AAA results and completely excluding outdoor AA results. But indoors, since everyone runs together, we include these AA runners in the study. The top AA runners are, for the most part, outside of the TFCAofGP. Thus, they will decrease the number of TFCAofGP runners taking top spots indoors, but not outdoors. Guys like Brendan Shearn for example fit this bill. Just keep that in mind going forward.

So here we go, what do the numbers show?

In 2013 by itself, the TFCAofGP had the champion in every single distance event indoors, including the DMR and 4x8. 14 of the 16 medalists from the relays were from this Philly area association, while outdoors just 50% of the medalists in the 4x8 came from this league. In addition, just 41.6% of the 12 finalists in the 4x8 outdoors in AAA were from the TFCAofGP.

In total over the last 5 years, in the individual events 58.33% of the medalists have come from the TFCAofGP compared to just 48.33% outdoors. 10 of the 15 individual state champions have come from the greater philly area indoors in the past 5 years, while, perhaps surprisingly, 12 of the 15 individual state champions outdoors have been from the philly area, a stat that runs counter to my theory.

What does this show? It is a depth issue here, not a talent issue. The most talented runners will get their state titles, regardless of where they come from. But strong runners who are not Wade Endress type beasts, are going to struggle to compete indoors with guys who are getting top notch competition every weekend. Most schools just can't fund that kind of racing schedule if they don't have a real indoor program, and schools out west can't travel that far to get into the gold mine of talent in TFCAofGP type meets.

Where the numbers really show a trend is in the relays, which continues on with this idea of depth and quality of racing. 87.5% of the medalists indoors in the DMR and 4x8 combined are from the TFCAofGP. 100% of the relay champions indoors have come from the TFCAofGP. The Wade Endress anchored DMR indoors in 2010 was the closest anyone has come to dethroning the powerhouses from the GP.

The crazy thing is that in 2012, 2011, and 2010 the GPA took at least the top 7 spots in the 4x8 at states. In 2010, they took the top 14! Ususally the only medalists that come from outside the greater philly area are teams that scoop up one of the last few medals from the slow heat like Chambersburg, Easton, State College and Cumberland Valley have tried to do in the past. Otherwise it's total domination from the TFCAofGP squads.

Outdoors things look much different. 60% of the medalists in the 4x8 come from TFCAofGP, still a high number, but much differen than the nearly 90% we had seen previously. In addition, it's a 3-2 split in relay champions with TFCAofGP having a slight advantage thanks to the 2009 CB South team tie breaker (or perhaps it is more logical to call Bensalem this year the tie-breaker).

Across the board relays are mixing it up better indoors rather than outdoors with teams like CValley consistently performing at a higher level.

The biggest beneficiary from the move outdoors definitely seems to be District 3. Indoors they have not been able to get a state title on the distance side. However, outdoors between Brehm, CValley and Cedar Crest they have managed to break up some of the D1/Philly dominance. D7 got Gunzenhauser and Gil indoors with Martin and Bailey outdoors. In addition, their depth is much better shown outdoors than indoors.

Rarely do you see a non-TFCAofGP guy run his best marks of the year indoors, but there are usually a decent amount of Philly guys who do have PRs from indoors for whatever reason. Norris's states 3k was his best outside of Penn and he didn't match those marks in the late season meets. Rivera in the 800m got his PR indoors as did Sanders. Logue ran similar marks indoors and out. Wiseman took about a second off his mark, Lewis ran virtually a PR indoors. In 2009 Mallon and Palmisano and Reilly ran their fastest open 800m of the season indoors. Trainer's mark indoors for 3k in 2011 converted to a PR for the season counting outdoors. Willig had his best marks indoors, although injuries really screwed up his outdoor season that year. Ryan Horgan can be included here as well for his 800m and even guys like Savage or my boy Francis Ferruzzi have struggled to run marks equivalent to their indoor times once moving outside. Ivo, Kaulbach, Bodary, ...

The list can go on for a while here.

Overall, I think, while indoors is the only place where we have all the independent schools and AA schools come together with the AAA schools to decide one state champion, it is a bit of a flawed state championship. The real champions come in the spring and in the fall.

So my last point would be, let's try and get a PTFCA meet of champions for track! Make it the week after states, or maybe two weeks if people need time to rest (but then people may be less likely to do it). It would be fantastic to see a meet like we have indoors take place outdoors where true champions could be crowned.

Think about it PA officials ....

Stay classy,

I leave my numbers below for you to inspect if you would like

5/8, champion, 15/24
4/8, not champion, 7/12
6/8, champion, 13/23
6/8, champion, 8/12
4/8, champion, 12/20
4/8, not champion, 7/12, 9/20
7/8, champion, 17/20
4/8, champion, 5/12
7/8, champion, 12/13

5/8, champion, 16/21
3/8, not champion, 4/12
4/8, champion, 17/29
5/8, champion, 7/12
6/8, champion, 9/13
2/8, champion, 5/13, 8/20
7/8, champion (top 7), 15/19
4/8, not champion, 8/12
6/8, champion, 7/11

4/8, not champion, 18/35
3/8, champion, 6/12
4/8, not champion, 12/18
3/8, champion, 7/12
5/8, not champion, 5/13
3/8, champion, 5/13, 9/20
7/8 (top 7), champion, 17/23
5/8, champion, 8/12
8/8, champion, 11/13

4/8, champion, 16/26
5/8, champion, 7/12
6/8, champion, 10/18
6/8, champion, 8/12
2/8, not champion, 12/21
1/8, champion, 8/21
8/8, champion, 18/20 (top 14 teams)
5/8, not champion, 6/12
6/8, champion 6/10

5/8, champion, 15/25
3/8, champion, 3/12
6/8, champion, 17/26
5/8, champion, 8/12
4/8, not champion, 7/11
5/8, champion, 8/11, 9/20
7/8, champion, 11/14
6/8, champion, 9/12
7/8, champion, 9/10

Bold Predictions for 2014

So in the spirit of the new year I'm going to kinda throw down on paper some of the ideas running through my head for what 2014 will be like. I've divided up my predictions into sections to fit the variety of people who may happen across my blog one of these days. I hope you enjoy!

PA HS Predictions
1. Despite losing All-Americans like Russell and Barchet, Henderson Coach Kevin Kelly will still end up piecing together a squad that gets in the state title conversation.
2. Kyle Francis will win the 800m indoors despite the hype around Wiseman, Logue, Lewis, and Brehm. It will be a state meet record 1:51.59
3. Wiseman and Brehm will run the entire race in lanes 3 and 4 respectively in order to try and prove to all their haters that they are not actually dirty runners, but this strategy will ultimately end up backfiring.
4. Griffin Molino and Dan Shalala will battle Rad Gunzenhauser for greatest name of a sub 16 minute 5k guy. Brad Miles will try to argue his punny name deserves to be in the discussion, but ultimately the judges will disqualify him.
5. O'Hara's DMR goes to nationals and runs a state record.
6. In a post race interview Kevin James says the success is all thanks to the time I autographed his face.
7. The Malvern Prep boys will pull the upset at indoor states in the DMR over a slew of tired squads who are doubling key runners.
8. Will Cather will qualify in every event from the 400m to the 3000m including the 4x8 and DMR. By states he will be so confused as to what he actually should run, he freaks out about all the options and hops in the 4x2 for his squad. He runs 20.65 to bring home the Gold.
Professional Running Predictions
9. Galen Rupp will set up a chase of the American record at 5k, but in a surpising kick finish Jager will jump on his shoulders and pass by him on the final straight away.
10. Bernard Lagat will end up winning the race and breaking his own AR with a 12:52 at 52 years of age. He will some how once again escape PED charges.
11. After a meeting with Jarrett Felix at the Millrose Games, Robby Andrews is so concerned for his safety from this stalker that he sprints around the track in an American record 2:17.02. Nick Symmonds ask Steve Finley for a meeting with Felix in order to chase the outdoor records he has in mind.
12. David Rudisha will have a super over hyped 1500m run in which, despite predictions that he will run 3:27, he actually runs 3:37. Once everyone writes him off as washed up, Rudisha will go to Reiti and drop a 1:40.86 to break his own world record.
13. Mary Cain will continue her assault on all of my PRs. After she notches a 1:58.93 to beat his 800m, she manages to convince meet directors at the Lehigh Invitational to let her race him head to head in a 400m during which she drops a 50.6 to Jarrett's 51.6. He get's made fun of but only cries for 32 minutes.
NCAA Running Predictions
14. Trying to hold the burden of huge expectations, Ed Cheserek will struggle to break 13:50 in the 5k. He will, however, get a strong grasp on the English language.
15. Jim Spisak and Alfredo Santana, a couple PA alumns that got no respect in HS, find themselves as the top PA guys in the NCAA as both run under 13:40 in the 5k this spring.
16. Jonas Oppenheimer outkicks Chris Stadler in the mile at indoor conferences as Stadler's ears are not quite powerful enough to beat out Jonas's.
17. Mac Fleet will look like he is on his way to a repeat title in the 1500m outdoors at Hayward Field, but he will begin his pointing at the crowd celebration a little too early and be outsprinted to the finish by Wisconsin's Austin Mudd.
Muhlenberg Predictions
18. The Muhlenberg 4x8 will finally dip under the 8 minute barrier with a thrilling 7:59.98 time.
19. The 4 members of the relay will be Kieran Newcomb, Forrest Kentwell, Bobby McGetrick and Steve Finley dressed up as Zach Lifman after a growth spurt.
20. Josh Elkan finally gets his chance at the 5k at the outdoor home meet. He runs strong for 4900m but is caught and outkicked by a suprise burst from Zach Lifman on the final straightaway. After Elkan screams out the F bomb at the top of his lungs, Coach Hackett is forced to suspend him, thus taking away his 4x8 spot.
21. Kenny Wohl, determined to prove the doubters wrong, will come back in amazing shape from his trip abroad. After a fantastic XC season that included a 26:37 run, he will, unfortunately, roll his ankle during a 10 mile long run on the track.
22. Alex Weiner will go abroad in the fall. He will be kicked out and sent back to Muhlenberg.
23. Josh Elkan and Zach Lifman will enter the conference meet as the 6th and 7th men locked in a tight battle. However, at conferences Alex Weiner, recently kicked off his abroad trip, gets in shape just in time to beat both gentleman over the last 800m. Things really get upsetting when Charlie Kline, once again coming back from injury, takes the 7th spot for regionals.
24. Both Josh and Zach still will run at Regionals at Dickinson. Kenny rolls his ankle and gives up his spot and Coach Steve will find out Charlie graduated last year and will not let him run.
Miscellaneous Predictions
25. Stephen Curry's Warriors will be a 7 seed in the West, but in a dramatic upset will beat the Spurs, Blazers and Thunders will get to the NBA finals against the Miami Heat. Curry makes a game winner over Lebron making this picture surprisingly relevant:

26. The Philadelphia Eagles will make a dramatic run to the NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks to the dismay of Jarrett, who will be forced to root against his boy Russell Wilson in the championship game.
26.2 Jarrett will lose interest in trying to make his blog the track version of Grantland somewhere around January 15th, but then will try and hold on to the tiny sliver of fame he has left in Forrest's videos that go up on his blog. After a variety of people call him "the creepy old guy" he will quit his position. The next day Flotrack will hire Forrest to be a permanent feature of their site.

More to come later this week if ya'll are interested.

Top 11 Things to Love About Indoors

Let's face it, there are not a lot of things to like about the indoor track season. I'd bet a decent amount of money that if asked any runner his/her favorite season of running they would say outdoors or XC. Never indoors. Heck summer training is more appealing to some people than indoor track.

But indoor is not all bad, in some respects, it's probably underrated. So here are my own personal (biased) top 11 reasons to love indoor track.

11. It's the start of track!
Look whether you like XC or not, after a long summer and fall of doing long tempos and big miles, isn't it nice to get out there and run fast? Certain guys are XC guys, others are track guys and those track guys are pumped to get on the track and get the speed going, but the XC guys got something new and exciting to prove out there as well. Anytime you start a new season, there are new butterflies and new goals to hit and I think that's the most exciting part of running.

10. Off Events
Think of all the events you run indoors that you almost never run outdoors: 60m, 300m, 500m, 600m, 1000m, 1200m, and 3000m ... just to name a few. I can chase a bunch of new PRs, new events and soft school records. Where would Cas Loxsom be without the 600m? That thing is perfect for his skill set, same really with the 1k for guys like Robby, Nick Symmonds and Ben Malone. And let's face it outdoors who doesn't wish there was a 3k to balance out the 15 and the 5k? Gotta love it.

9. TFCAofGP Huge Medals
A little PA HS knowledge coming here. If you have never run a TFCAofGP meet, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on getting a huge medal for running 2:05 in a down week at Glenn Mills. Take it from a man who did just that. Those things are frickin enormous!

8. Centennial Conference Indoor Championships
So for those of you not in the Centennial Conference of NCAA athletics, this won't apply. But running at the end of the indoor conference meet is the most unbelievable experience I've had in recent memory. Everybody is cheering and lining the track to the point where the noise practically pushes you around the track by itself. Much better than outdoors, an all-day meet with everyone confined inside makes all the difference for me.

7. Different Tracks
During XC you can never compare course to course with 100% accuracy. It's guess work, guess work that I happen to love, but guess work none the less. The thing that people always told me was that in track every track is essentially the same so you can compare marks from all over the world with near perfect accuracy. But indoor track ain't work like that. And we know that because we have different standards for undersized, oversized, banked, flat, etc. Heck I've seen tracks that are like 234.7m per lap. I run on a 160m track on the reg. It adds a complicating factor to the races and I find that kinda cool.

6. No Class System, all PA
In PA HS, at the state meet there is no PIAA stuff that keeps AA, A, AAA Independent League and all that jazz seperated. There is no debate. A state champ is literally a STATE champ. I think that is extremely awesome. Now you can say what you want about small schools not getting a chance to be involved, especially for relays, but I have always been a fan of crowning state champions and having it mean something. That's what we, thankfully, get indoors.

5. You get real close to your teammates
There is not a lot of space indoors. You end up snuggling up to some people you may not really be that close with. It can be good, it can be bad. Just make sure you don't smell too bad if you are sitting next to anyone important ...

4. No Wind
Sometimes running in the wind and running outside really blows. Haha get it? blows? Any who there isn't wind indoors as you may have guessed.

3. Millrose Games
This is the coolest meet of all of indoors. They bring in top competitors from the world, chase American records and sometimes world records as well. They invite high schoolers for one of the coolest miles of the year. I'm hoping to go this year, certainly an event on my bucket list.

2. Penn State's Indoor Track
I think it's the fastest track in the world that is 200m long. Plus it's where the PA state championships are held. I think it's my favorite track I've ever run on, kinda a shame I won't get to run it again.

1. DMR
Perhaps the greatest event in track and field. Underutilized and maybe under appreciated. It is a great combination of different events, the only time you see the 1200m run, which I find really cool and it's a distance runner's paradise. The only time you see it run competitively is indoors and the Penn Relays. Although the world relay championships are coming outdoors .... I don't think the DMR is on the agenda.

Individual Placing for Virtual XC Meet

1.      Tony Russell, Sr Henderson 13
2.      Mark Dennin, Sr Individual 07
3.      Brad Miles, Sr Individual 09
4.      Jason Weller, Sr Individual 06
5.      Tony Russell, Jr Henderson 12
6.      Dustin Wilson, Sr Individual 11
7.      Chris Aldrich, Sr Individual 07
8.      Paul Springer, Sr Individual 06
9.      Max Kaulbach, Sr GFS 07
10.   Wade Endress, Sr Individual 10
11.   Kyle Dawson, Sr Coatesville 06
12.   Zach Hebda, Sr Individual 10
13.   Brendan Shearn, Sr Individual 12
14.   Ryan Gil, Sr North Allegheny 10
15.   Vince McNally, Sr Individual 07
16.   Radford Gunzenhauser, Sr Individual 09
17.   Griffin Molino, Jr Individual 13
18.   Chris Campbell, Sr Individual 10
19.   Brent Kennedy, Jr Individual 12
20.   Vinny Todaro, Sr Individual 12
21.   Max Norris, Sr Individual 12
22.   Joe Beveridge, Sr Individual 08
23.   Jimmy Tarsnane, Sr Individual 08
24.   Colin Abert, Jr Individual 13
25.   Ben Furcht, Sr Individual 08
26.   Ross Wilson, Sr Individual 13
27.   Dan Lowry, Sr Individual 07
28.   Austin Pondel, Sr Individual 12
29.   Kevin James, Jr O’Hara 13
30.   Chris Aldrich, Jr Henderson 06
31.   Jacob Kildoo, Sr Individual 10
32.   Neal Berman, Sr Individual 08
33.   Josh Izewski, Sr CB East 07
34.   Dominic Deluca, Sr Individual 13
35.   Conner Quinn, Jr Individual 11
36.   Reece Ayers, Sr Individual 10
37.   Colin Martin, Sr Individual 13
38.   Matt McCullough, Sr Individual 08
39.   Lucas Zarzeczny, Sr Individual 06
40.   Drew Magaha, Sr Individual 11
41.   Will Kellar, Sr Henderson 09
42.   Scott Van Kooten, Sr Individual 06
43.   Gus McKenzie, Sr GFS 09
44.   Brad Miles, Jr North Penn 08
45.   Chuck Lockwood, Sr Individual 09
46.   Brett Kelly, Sr Individual 11
47.   Logan Steiner, Sr Individual 11
48.   Brad Miles, So North Penn 07
49.   Tom Pannulla, Sr Coatesville 06
50.   Ross Wilson, Jr CRN 12
51.   Owen Dawson, Sr Coatesville 06
52.   Zack Montijo, Sr North Penn 07
53.   Dan Savage, Sr O’Hara 12
54.   Sam Bernitt, Sr Individual 09
55.   Chris Ferry, Sr Henderson 06
56.   Reiny Barchet, Sr Henderson 13
57.   Jake McKenzie, Sr GFS 07
58.   Dan Savage, Jr O’Hara 11
59.   Tyler Mueller, Sr Individual 09
60.   Reiny Barchet, Jr Henderson 12
61.   Isaac Dunkleburger, Sr Individual 06
62.   Ernie Pitone, Sr O’Hara 12
63.   Rob Speare, Sr Strath Haven 06
64.   Kevin James, So O’Hara 12
65.   Sean Ward, Sr Coatesville 06
66.   Ryan Gil, So North Allegheny 08
67.   Sam Bernitt, Jr North Penn 08
68.   Andrew Jervis, Sr Henderson 06
69.   Logan Steiner, Jr North Allegheny 10
70.   Alex Knapp, Jr Henderson 13
71.   Mike Billotta, Sr O’Hara 11
72.   Bryan Andrews, Sr Henderson 10
73.   Jason Leonard, Sr Coatesville 06
74.   Matt McGoey, Jr North Allegheny 13
75.   James Zingarini, Sr CRN 12
76.   Nick Smart, Sr O’Hara 13
77.   Jack Macauley, Jr North Penn 11
78.   Jim Belfatto, Sr O’Hara 13
79.   Cordon Luoco, Sr North Allegheny 13
80.   Patrick Morgan, Sr North Allegheny 08
81.   Zach Hoagland, Sr North Penn 07
82.   Mac Emery, Sr CRN 12
83.   Bobby Rimkis, Sr Henderson 12
84.   Austin Stecklair, Sr Henderson 10
85.   Dan Davis, Sr North Penn 11
86.   Chase Broussard, Sr North Allegheny 08
87.   Isaac Ortiz, Sr GFS 07
88.   Achraf Khattabi, Sr Henderson 09
89.   Dave Waterman, GFS 09
90.   Shawn Quinn, Sr LaSalle 09
91.   Hunter Wharrey, Jr North Allegheny 13
92.   Ricky Waltz, Henderson 13
93.   Kevin Murray, Jr Strath Haven 06
94.   Brian Quintrell, Sr North Penn 08
95.   Seamus Love, Jr North Allegheny 13
96.   Tom Trainer, Jr LaSalle 09
97.   Seamus Collins, Sr Henderson 13
98.   Chris Pastore, Sr O’Hara 12
99.   Sam Haugh, Jr Henderson 12
100.                    Ryan Fink, Sr Strath Haven 06
101.                    Tom Waterman, Sr GFS 09
102.                    Ernie Pitone, Jr O’Hara 11
103.                    Seamus Collins, Jr Henderson 12
104.                    Eric Stratman, Sr Henderson 13
105.                    Scott Seel, Jr North Allegheny 13
106.                    Ross Wistar, Sr GFS 09
107.                    Chris Trimble, Sr North Penn 11
108.                    Bryan Andrews, Jr Henderson 09
109.                    Evan Caldwell, Jr GFS 09
110.                    Gus McKenzie, So GFS 07
111.                    Tom O’Kane, Sr LaSalle 09
112.                    Clarke Hunt, Sr Strath Haven 06
113.                    Tim Stauring, Sr North Penn 08
114.                    Stash Grab, Sr Henderson 09
115.                    Jim Belfatto, Jr O’Hara 12
116.                    Nick Molloy, Sr LaSalle 09
117.                    Chris Pastore, Jr O’Hara 11
118.                    Eric Stratman, Jr Henderson 12
119.                    Tim Appman, Jr North Allegheny 10
120.                    Tim Collins, Sr Henderson 10
121.                    Alex Knapp, So Henderson 12
122.                    Chris Rosato, So Coatesville 06
123.                    Drew Mahoney, Jr Coatesville 06
124.                    Brendan Stone, Jr LaSalle 09
125.                    Austin Stecklair, Jr Henderson 09
126.                    Reiny Barchet, Fr Henderson 10
127.                    Will Appman, Sr NA 08
128.                    Eric Balaban, Jr North Allegheny 08
129.                    Kevin Moy, Sr Henderson 13
130.                    Tim Stauring, Jr North Penn 07
131.                    Drew Pastore, Jr O’Hara 13
132.                    Jim Norley, Sr Henderson 06
133.                    Sam Butler, Sr GFS 09
134.                    Michael Becich, Sr North Allegheny 13
135.                    Tyler Nictora, Jr North Allegheny 10
136.                    Ryan Grace, So North Penn 11
137.                    Christian Donnelly, Jr O’Hara 12
138.                    Matt Molloy, So North Penn 11
139.                    Matt Hayes, Sr O’Hara 12
140.                    Brain Kuntzman, Sr North Penn 08
141.                    Seamus Morgan, Jr LaSalle 09
142.                    Ryan James, Fr O’Hara 13
143.                    Nicholas McClure, Sr North Allegheny 13
144.                    Scott McCollester, Jr Henderson 06
145.                    James Stevenson, Sr LaSalle 09
146.                    Will Kellar, Fr Henderson 06
147.                    Matt Robertson, Sr North Allegheny 08
148.                    Mike Meehan, So North Allegheny 10
149.                    Dom Comasso, Jr North Penn 07
150.                    Vincent Tonzo, Jr North Allegheny 10
151.                    Brian Arita, So CRN 12
152.                    Tom Waterman, So GFS 07
153.                    Dom Comasso, Sr North Penn 08
154.                    Kevin James, Fr O’Hara 11
155.                    Rob Morro, So O’Hara 13
156.                    Tim Collins, Jr Henderson 09
157.                    Steve Jordan, Jr Henderson 09
158.                    Brian Quintrell, Jr North Penn 07
159.                    Sean Griswold, So CRN 12
160.                    Mike Salach, Jr Henderson 10
161.                    Hunter Hill, Jr North Penn 11
162.                    Nathaniel Paffett-Lugas, Sr Strath Haven 06
163.                    Eddie Einbender-Luks, Jr GFS 07
164.                    Cameron Mactavish, Jr GFS 09
165.                    Joe Pane, Sr North Allegheny 10
166.                    Doug Benton, Sr CRN 12
167.                    Brian Kuntzman, Jr North Penn 07
168.                    Jay Cadwallader, Jr North Allegheny 08
169.                    Charlie Grab, Jr Henderson 10
170.                    Tyler Johnston, So North Penn 11
171.                    Christian Ostrowski, Sr O’Hara 11
172.                    Christian Donnelly, Sr O’Hara 13
173.                    Tony Russell, Fr Henderson 10
174.                    George Dickson, So Strath Haven 06
175.                    Jake Sachetti, Sr O’Hara 11
176.                    Zack Keller, Jr CRN 12
177.                    Zhewen Zhang, Jr GFS 09
178.                    Ross Wistar, So GFS 07
179.                    Andrew Donaghy, Jr Strath Haven 06
180.                    Doug Paxson, Jr Henderson 06

181.                    Alex Dello Buono, So North Penn 08