Thanks to runccrs, we get live results and mile-by-mile splits of the District 1 Championships today at Lehigh!

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RunCCRS Live Results and Splits

9:30 a.m. – GIRLS A (7 max.)
10:00 a.m. – GIRLS AA (7 max.)
10:30 a.m. – GIRLS AAA(7 max.)
11:00 a.m. – BOYS A (7 max.)
11:30 a.m. – BOYS AA (7 max.)
12:00 p.m. – BOYS AAA (7 max.) 
12:30 p.m. – BOYS NON-SEEDED (no max.) - note start time 
12:40 p.m. – GIRLS NON-SEEDED (no max.) – note start time 
1:30 p.m. – Awards – A Girls and Boys, then AA girls and Boys, then AAA Girls 
and Boys. Individual and Team awards in the stadium. (2016)

Trust "The Process"

By Jarrett Felix

A new season is a clean slate. Everyone starts from the same place. Hope springs eternal. Of course for the Sixers, hope hasn’t quite made it eternal. It’s capped out at a couple decades recently. And when Ben Simmons got injured before the season even began (darn you Lebron James and your superstar workouts!), my hope spring was down to months. I can’t get excited about anything without it breaking. I’m basically like that girl in finding Nemo who gets the fish and gets so amped about getting a fish that she shakes up the fish until the fish dies. I’m sorry Andrew Bynum. I’m sorry Nerlens. I’m sorry Joel. And I’m sorry Ben.

But despite the sadness, I couldn’t help going out to the fish store and looking at the fish that were swimming around, even if I didn’t want to buy one. Because maybe one day I would want to buy one, you know? And maybe this time I won’t kill it. OK, this metaphor is breaking down. I’m basically saying I still watched the Sixers because I can’t help it. They are my team and even if they stink, I still will inevitably find things to be excited about. And hopefully those things that I’m excited about don’t get injured.  

Flash to October 26th, 2016. Enter Joel Embiid. We drafted him on June 26th, 2014. Since we drafted him I paid rent for the first time. I ran a marathon. I got engaged. I ran another marathon. I got to the point in my life where I need to shave like once every three days. I’ve grown up. The whole fabric of my life has changed. A year after Joel Embiid was drafted, I interviewed Clayton Murphy. Before Embiid even played a game, Clayton Murphy won an Olympic medal?!

But I never fully gave up. Sometimes when I would talk to my friends I would say, “Yeah, looks like he’s another Greg Oden.” Or maybe I’d say, “Looks like we should have taken Aaron Gordon.” But I didn’t believe any of that crap. You think I want a dude with two first names instead of our Cameroonian man-child? No way. I watched the workout videos. I saw him dunking on dudes that were basically versions of myself in 20 years. I saw him dunking threw his legs. I saw him dunking donuts into his Shirley Temples and having to overcome weight issue rumors. And I loved it all. I believed the hype. I embraced the hype. Heck, I embraced the hype more than I embraced “Hype” by Drake, one of my favorite jams of summer ’16. And also fall ’16.

When I sat down to watch Joel play his first game last night, I was so giddy. I don’t mean giddy as an expression. This wasn’t some metaphorical or exaggerated giddiness. This was literal, authentic giddiness. I watched Joel come down the court and take a beautiful turn-around jumper from the free throw line and I giggled hard core. Like imagine a three-year-old child who is being tickled by one of their parents. That’s pretty much what happened to me, but instead of carefully utilized fingers it was carefully utilized footwork.

The dude looked like he could provide a legitimate rim protecting presence for us. I think the stat sheet only showed two blocks, but there was definitely some altering and intimidation going on. But I also really respected his hustle and his heart. Like after Gerald Henderson coughed up the ball at the end of the game, Embiid sprinted back up the court for a chase down block and nearly gave us another opportunity to go win the game. Then he almost got an and-1 that almost gave us another opportunity again!

In that moment I felt like a proud father. I’m not actually a father, but I imagine it’s what a proud father would feel like. Like imagine you had a son and he was walking down the street. The wind picked up and some guy dropped some trash on the ground near your son. He could easily just walk by the trash. It’s not his fault that dude couldn’t pick up that trash. It’s not his fault there were some winds in the air. But he goes back, picks up the trash and throws it in the trash can. Then you look at your son and smile. You think “I’m so proud of this boy … No … This man.” But you don’t say it out loud. You think he would find it weird. It’s a weird moment to feel proud of your son for I guess, but it’s just how you feel. So instead, you just say, “How about we grab some Rita’s Water Ice? It’s on me.” And then you enjoy some nice Rita’s Water Ice.

That’s basically exactly how I felt in that moment.

Of course, the Sixers still lost. Which is fine, I guess. But we looked like a team. We had a reasonably OK point guard. We had some dudes who could kinda shoot. We saw some flashes from our young guys. Nik Stauskas did some stuff. Turns out Hollis Thompson is still on the team.

OK, fine there wasn’t that much to be excited about. But this is all I have! Indulge me!

Prediction Hub: Conference Week

By: Garrett Zatlin

It's one of my favorite times of the year! Conference week is always an interesting time in the NCAA. Teams can earn some big-time Kolas points and even pull off some upsets. Check below to see who I have earning conference titles...

Conference Week Predictions

2016 Big East XC Predictions

By: Garrett Zatlin

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BIG East's
1Patrick TiernanVillanova
2Scott CarpenterGeorgetown
3Jonathan GreenGeorgetown
4Hugh ArmstrongProvidence
5Christian AlvaradoGeorgetown
6Julian OakleyProvidence
7Trevor CrawleyProvidence
8Andrew MarstonVillanova
9Amos BartelsmyerGeorgetown
10Logan WetzelVillanova
11Aaron HanlonProvidence
12Michael ClevengerGeorgetown
13Casey ComberVillanova
14Daniel PedersonMarquette
15Kevin CorbusierVillanova
16Stephen RobertsonProvidence
17Matthew BouthilletteGeorgetown
18Alec MillerMarquette
19Chris KorabikDePaul
20Marcus KaramanolisProvidence
Team Scores
Projected FinishTeamProjected Score
Unsure if racing: Jonathan Green (Georgetown), Logan Wetzel (Villanova)

If I wanted to be bold, this would be the conference where I would call an upset. Unfortunately, Jonathan Green and Michael Clevenger have not been at the top of their game this season and I don't think anyone else has the fitness to defeat Tiernan. According to Twitter, Tiernan is set to make his NCAA debut this weekend which should result in him getting the title. However, the recent success from Scott Carpenter could be enough to make Tiernan work for the win.

Others like Hugh Armstrong have had some really consistent races this season and will be up towards the top of the results. Jonathan Green is also on my radar after a poor race at Paul Short and then not even running at Wisconsin. He was apparently ill according to Flotrack. Hopefully this will be the bounce back race that can put him back in the All-American conversation.

The title is Georgetown's to lose. Even without the spark from Green and Clevenger, the Hoyas should be able to pull off the win. However, I'm banking on Green to make a comeback and put together a really nice performance. If he does that, then not only will Green be back in the All-American conversation, but the Hoyas will also be back in the podium talk as well.

After the Hoyas, Providence and Villanova will almost definitely finish 2nd and 3rd. Providence has had some really nice races at Notre Dame and Wisconsin this season. Don't be surprised if they make it a close race between them and Georgetown. Villanova will also be getting Tiernan back and (maybe) Wetzel. If that's the case, it won't be surprising to see the top-portion of the results filled with just three teams.

2016 ACC XC Predictions

By: Garrett Zatlin

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1Justyn KnightSyracuse
2Edwin KibichiyLouisville
3George ParsonsNC State
4Harry MulengaFlorida State
5Calvin ChemoiywoLouisville
6Colin BennieSyracuse
7Brent DemarestVirginia
8Philo GermanoSyracuse
9Iliass AouaniSyracuse
10Zach HerriotVirginia
11Mark DerrickUNC
12Andrew Gaiser Virginia Tech
13Chase WeaverlingVirginia
14Joel HubbardSyracuse
15Lachlan CookVirginia
16Peter SeuferVirginia Tech
17Harry WarnickWake Forest
18Mike MarsellaVirginia
19Daniel Jaskowak Virginia Tech
20Neil GourleyVirginia Tech
Team Scores
Projected FinishTeamProjected Score
3Virginia Tech98
4NC State123
5Florida State140
Unsure if racing: Henry Wynne (Virginia)

With Thomas Curtin no longer around, Justyn Knight can pursue all of the ACC titles he wants. As if he wasn't good enough last year, Knight has become even stronger this year. He easily handled a fast pace at Panorama Farms and later threw down a kick at Wisconsin that made his competition look like child's play.

While Knight is the heavy favorite, he'll need to prepare for a very fast pace thanks to Kibichiy and Parsons. Both of these guys are known to take the pace out hard and not wait around for a kick. We saw a perfect instance of that at Wisconsin when Parsons made a hard move with 2k to go while the rest of the pack chased him.

The ACC is admittedly in a down year (team wise) after so many top programs graduated key scorers of their squad. Syracuse is one of those programs who is missing one of their graduated seniors (Martin Hehir). Still, the Orangemen are one of the top teams in the nation and they should be able to secure another conference championship relatively easily.

UVA's Henry Wynne isn't set to return until regionals, but if he does run this weekend then the scoring could be closer than expected. The Cavaliers depth has developed quite well this season and the addition of their low-stick could really shake things up.

2016 PAC 12 XC Predictions

By: Garrett Zatlin

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PAC 12's
1Edward CheserekOregon
2Sean McGortyStanford
3Grant FisherStanford
4Ferdinand EdmanUCLA
5Matthew MatonOregon
6John Dressel Colorado
7Ben SaarelColorado
8Colby GilbertWashington
9Michael WilliamsWashington State
10Tanner AndersonOregon
11Garrett SweattStanford
12Sam PrakelOregon
13John WhelanWashington State
14CJ AlbertsonArizona State
15Ryan ForsythColorado
16Andrew GardnerWashington
17Robert Brandt California
18Alex OstbergStanford
19Trent BrendelCalifornia
20Joe Klecker Colorado
Team Scores
Projected FinishTeamProjected Score
5Washington State136
Unsure if running: Alex Ostberg (Stanford), Thomas Ratcliffe (Stanford)

No one is going to be surprised by my pick to win it all. Whether he decides to pull away early or to kick at the end, King Ches will defend his crown this weekend. They might as well just give him the gold medal now.

Of course if Cheserek weren't in the race, it would most likely come down to the Stanford duo who had a nice showing at Wisconsin with Fisher getting the best of McGorty. I'm also really high on guys like Maton and Edman. They have put together breakout races and have been pretty consistent overall. Having them in the top five shouldn't be all that surprising. 

It's never easy to make decisions like these, but I have to go with the Oregon Ducks over Stanford. Both teams ran very well at Pre-Nats and Wisconsin, but Oregon has shown that their top five can consistently run well on the same day. Stanford had awesome finishes from Sweatt, Keelan, and Wharton at Wisconsin, but those three don't often run well on the same day. The addition of Thomas Ratcliffe and Alex Ostberg may remedy that problem, but it's not a given that those two will even run this weekend.

That's not to say that Oregon is without vulnerabilities of their own. They have a great top five, but their depth is lacking. At Pre-Nats, freshman Austin Tamagno was a DNF while Bryan Fernandez placed 151st. Oregon can run well on the same day, but they have much less insurance then Stanford does.

2016 BIG 10 XC Predictions

By: Garrett Zatlin

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BIG 10's
1Morgan McDonaldWisconsin
2Aaron BaumgartenMichigan
3Malachy SchrobilgenWisconsin
4Connor MoraMichigan
5Ryan RobinsonMichigan State
6Jason CristIndiana
7Matthew SchwartzerIndiana
8Evan StifelOhio State
9Sherod HardtMichigan State
10Dylan LafondIllinois
11Matt WelchMinnesota
12Connor HerrMichigan
13Joe HardyWisconsin
14Ben VeatchIndiana
15Jesse ReiserIllinois
16Timothy McGowanPenn State
17Obsa AliMinnesota
18Colin AbertPenn State
19Jaret CarpenterPurdue
20Olin HackerWisconsin
Team Scores
Projected FinishTeamProjected Score
4Michigan State105
Unsure if racing: Ben Flanagan (Michigan)

Although Wisconsin has had it's troubles as a team, one thing that will never change is their ability to produce some of the best individuals in the nation. Morgan McDonald is certainly one of them after his 3rd place finish at the Wisconsin Invite. He was dominant on the track this past spring and it looks like that fitness has transferred over to cross country. He will definitely be the favorite to win the individual title, but not without guys right on his heels.

Aaron Baumgarten is coming off of an excellent race of his own. He finished 8th at Pre-Nats which complimented his 3rd place finish at Roy Griak very nicely. Baumgarten is a grinder and is willing to make the pace hard. That racing style may be enough to shake McDonald's kick.

Malachy Schrobilgen should also be in consideration for the title, but I have my concerns. I expected Schrobilgen to be around the top-10 at the Wisconsin Invite, but he pulled out due to dehydration. Considering his issues last year, this isn't a great sign. I still think he's one of the top runners in the nation, but he needs to actually cross the line with a decent result. 

It may be a new year, but it's still another battle between Michigan and Wisconsin for the title. The title could really go either way, but I'm giving it to Big Blue. Both squads have awesome low-sticks that will keep them competitive and separate them from other teams in the field. Their depth, on the other hand, is a little questionable.

Michigan is currently relying on a few guys that are new to the conference and new to the varsity scene. Meanwhile, Wisconsin didn't see thrilling performances from Olin Hacker or Zack Snider at the Wisconsin Invite. Their youth at a conference championship could leave Wisconsin vulnerable and I don't know if the Badgers have enough backup if one of those two were to have a bad day.

But at the end of the day, the biggest factor separating Michigan from Wisconsin is Ben Flanagan. The Canadian senior has yet to run this season and was expected to the top guys for the Wolverines the year. If Coach Sullivan decides to unleash Flanagan at BIG 10's, then I can't see how Wisconsin will win.