Weekend 1

After the opening weekend of action, I didn't feel a particularly strong need to do another ranking system when only a few small things would change. So I decided I will just give you guys my top 7 thoughts of the weekend (basically only top 7 can run varsity ...)

#1 District 6 is going to be very fun.
I'm gonna start this with a mini rant so be prepared. In 2012 LaSalle pulled off one of the coolest moments in state history, when the qualified for states by grabbing the only 5 available individual state qualifying spots at the d12 championships. Understand how improbable this is. You basically have to place 5 in the top 10 and still not win the meet. You can't have any guy have an off day, everything has to fall perfectly in place. And you need to have a really really good team that is still somehow not the best in the district. I'm not sure we will ever see it again.

LaSalle ended up 5th at states and probably could have been 3rd or 4th on a better day. Billotta, their 5th man on that day, had an off day (every team has a top 5 guy who doesn't have a great day on tht course, it's a brutal run) and if they actually had a 6 and 7 guy running that day they would have been able to help out billotta and possibly improve their team scoring. Once they had the 5 individuals qualify I'm kinda pissed that they didn't just let them run 7 guys. I mean c'mon PIAA, they crippled these guys.

Now I bring this up not to brag about how awesome LaSalle was that year (although how could I pass up an opportunity like that?), but instead to point how hard it is to be the second best team in a district that only sends one team to states. Especially when both teams are top 5 quality in the state. Now I'm not saying Altoona and State College are top 5 (although who knows? SC and Altoona have combined for a slew of top 5 teams over the years including last years 4th place squad) but both of these squads are very talented and only one can represent their district at states. Because Darien Knudsen is almost definitely making it to states if healthy which means there is no way the 2nd place team can get 5 in the top 10.

So in other words Altoona vs. State College this year has become the most interesting match up in the state. Altoona has defending state medalist Brad Foust and defending state champ Dom Stroh. That gave them a decided advantage in my head. However, it appears from this first meet that State College is not going away quietly and their leader, Alex Milligan, has continued his impressive improvement curve from a year ago as he finished first in the AAA section of their opener, beating Faust and Stroh who ran solid 2nd and 3rd finishes. As a result State College edged out Altoona in the team race. Epic stuff. A great team battle coupled with 4 guys (Faust, Stroh, Knudsen and Milligan) who are serious medal contenders in Hershey makes D6 the most fun district of week 1.

#2 Henderson and CR North have some work to do.
I'm not foolish enough to doubt either of these teams. I've seen them grow substantially over the course of a season and they are the two surest bets to make states year in and year out. But I will say this, the rest of the district is not afraid of their reputation. North got beat out by CB West (real impressive day for them) and CB East at Viking. Rock showed signs that he is ready to carry his track momentum to the trails this season for West and Brophy is obviously one of the favorites for individual district champ. Meanwhile Henderson was bested by Conestoga (early favorites for District champ) and DT West (young squad on the rise) and had some other teams on their back.

I'm not too phased by the Oakburne results (a two mile relay in August doesn't tell me much) and Viking, while a little bit more worrisome, is still August. But I will say that the district is very wide open for the 5 state spots. We haven't seen Pennsbury race yet (I expect them to be strong this year) but at this point only Conestoga looks like a lock for states. Everybody else is in a dog fight for the 4 remaining spots. That's exciting stuff.

(Mini rant, CB West returns basically their whole team from last year and is easily one of the best programs to have not made a state championship in the last decade or so. I'm a little upset with myself for completely over looking them in the preseason. This is a team I'm rooting for this year.)

#3 Dominic Hockenbury and Will Kachman is setting up to be an epic battle.
Another AAA chatter, let's get down to the two lost impressive performances of the weekend. Yeah I said it. First Hockenbury knocks off a top tier kinda guy in Nate Morgan of Lakeland, winning by almost a minute and breaking 16. The picture of Hockenbury with the fresh cut makes him look like he has grown and matured over the summer. He is making that Junior jump this year and already has a state gold and state silver going into this season. He really impressed me in race 1. It's just August, but this is the kind of first race a state champ/foot locker finalist puts down. He's looking good.

As for Kachman, he soloed a 16:11 victory in the fastest time of the day at his course (faster than all the D6 guys mentioned earlier). Kachman's true ceiling I don't expect to be measured until he can consistently find competition at his level ability (which technically may not happen until states, the kid is very talented). I think of him in similar way to Barrett Kemp. After years of flying under the radar in small district 9 Kemp ran under 9:20 as a senior at a windy states course to finish 3rd to just Shearn and Galassi, two greats of the era. I hope Kachman runs at Footlocker or Nike regionals this year. He's just a junior still and with proper big race experience has great potential.

These guys took 1-2 outdoors in the 32 and were 2-3 last year in XC behind Deluca. What a rivalry this has the potential to become in the next two years. Both guys will be juniors this year.

#4 The Chesmont shows early signs of being bananas
I touched on this briefly already, but I will elaborate here. I still expect Henderson to compete for a shot at states. Downingtown West came out the gates with a nice performance. Looks like Burton is riding top guy position right now, but their guys should continue to improve throughout the year, often times improving more than the upperclassmen throughout the year. No Alansky it looks like (I think I heard injury?) but they have filled in nicely with excellent depth. Both Burtons, Sappey, and Ryherd (not in their District top 7 last year) look like a really nice pack. Henderson still has nice weapons with Knapp and Barchet showing nice starts. Then you also have an on the rise Rustin team with Vogt and Coates having a nice start (they return basically everyone from a year ago) a Coatesville team that people have been giving chatter to (Blake Ettien mixed it up well with Stroh and Faust in the season opener, Tooles was a 1:57 guy on the track) and teams that are always strong like WC East and Great Valley. Plus you have Avon Grove (led by Josh Smith who ran excellent last year), DT East and a bunch of other young teams hungry to prove themselves. It's a good thing we have Chris Cummings on the case, because the Chesmont is setting up to be mayhem.

#5 Marston looks good for Conestoga, who coincidentally also looks good.
How about the start for Stoga? They asserted themselves against the two time state champs and Marston came out the gates guns blazing, I was impressed with his fitness. Stoga has incredible depth that I didn't quite realize they had. Nick Cruicshank quietly won the JV race at the meet, meaning Conestoga thought he was their 9th best guy. Their alleged 9th best guy is someone who ran 16:21 last year? Yikes. PJ Murray ran high 4:20s last year and now looks like a really solid varsity member for Stoga. Nelson looked strong, Iffert had a nice negative split, lots of good things on the horizon for Conestoga.

Yes it's just August, but this team looks like a squad poised to take a District title. And thought would be something truly historic.

#6 Brehm and Carlisle get a solid start
Here's the deal. Zach Brehm is going into his senior year as an All Timer in PA track. He's going in this year with a stacked resume. He has killer strength, as proven by a serious of great triples and quadruples in track, and he was top 10 in the state last year. If he adds an XC state title to his resume he becomes one of the best in state history.

So that's the guy motivating and leading the defending D3 runner ups in Carlisle. They are going after a much desired XC title to go with their track titles. They were 6th last year, on par with Conestoga and it's not like they return that much less. They showed a great top 3 this weekend and beat Chambersburg on their home course (nice running for burg though) so they are off to a good start. Carlisle peaked perfectly in track, so I expect a nice peak this year as well.

I can't stress this enough, it's only August.

#7 Not the big names, but some interesting subplots forming in the WPIAL

Lebo showed a nice pack (no Braun?) and their first meet, with Gunz as their 3 and impressive performances by Stone and Harris. Lebo was 8th last year and looks like have reloaded this year rather than rebuilding. Good stuff for a team that may have to deal with the shadow of NA (again).

Susalla had a big time win over White, Doyle and Conboy (and an intriguing soph from Baldwin). Susalla is one of those juniors with the potential to break out this fall. Nice for him to get a confidence building win. As for Baldwin, it's been a surprisingly long time since they have been truly relevant at WPIALs and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they start to jump up the standings this year.

Remember over the last decade or so the only two teams to scare NA as they try to continue their absurd streak of titles are Baldwin and Mt Lebo. Just saying.

Is this the year for D11?

On the AAA side, District 11 hasn't exactly been enjoying time in the spotlight. They haven't a state champ in over a decade and in the last 5 seasons they have had 2 guys who ended up on the medal stand as individuals.

But this year seems positive for the valley boys of D11. Colin Abert is a superstar in XC, maybe the best the district has ever known. He was 2nd at states last year as a junior, the best finish since Sam Luff was runner up to Craig Miller in 2004. Much like Luff in 04, Abert ran into an All Timer who was at the peak of his ability and looking to defend his title. It's hard to imagine anyone beating Miller in 04, just like it's hard to imagine anyone defeating Russell last year.

Abert proved himself even after the state meet, placing in the top 15 at Regionals and positioning himself to take a shot at nationals this year. He also gets one more shot at that elusive state title for D11.

That's the defining difference between Luff and Abert. Luff didn't have a chance to come back one more time with no Miller in the field. Abert does.

Abert has been the top man from the class of 2015 at each of the last two state championships, an impressive achievement. The last two people to accomplish it? Conner Quinn and Sam Hibbs, both from Hatboro Horsham. Unfortunately, the boys both finished a disappointing 13th as Seniors. Before these two it was Jason Weller of Boyertown and Craig Miller of Manheim Township. Both won state titles as Seniors, with Weller's title being his first of two career defining upsets over 14:47/8:48 man Paul Springer.

Abert was 2nd at states last year as a Junior, another impressive mark. The most recent second place Juniors? Well there have actually been a lot ... Brent Kennedy, Dan Jaskowak, and Will Kellar were the last three. Kennedy suffered an injury that held him out of his Senior season, Jaskowak switched to AA and lost a tough one to Todaro and Shearn. Kellar ended up 6th as a Senior but ran a smart, impressive race and got himself a team gold medal with Henderson.

Abert has been at the top stage for two years now: extremely valuable experience. You could see his tactics improve substantially from his Sophomore to Junior year. And he made a state final in the 1600m last year and cracked 4:17. He ran 9:20 in the 32, and I'm convinced if he ran that race at states he would have run somewhere under 9:15 which puts him right in league with most of the states top returnerers in that event (but notice it probably finishes out of the medals which is why running the 16 was the right choice for him).

I feel the big problem for District 11 runners is this lack of experience against top guys. I think back to Matt Kacyon's sophomore year, the last district 11 medalist before Abert. In 2008, D11 had 3 medalists and another guy in the top 30. It was their best year. Kacyon wasn't one of those guys, as a soph he went out with the leaders through the mile in sub 4:50. He crumbled over the last half of the race and finished way out of the medals. The next two years he learned his lesson, finished 17th and 8th. Those crazy front running tactics that worked against inferior competition weren't as effective against the states elite.

When I saw Abert in 2012, I thought I was watching Kacyon 2.0, that my prediction for a top 25 spot for Abert would prove to be wrong if he couldn't hang from a very brisk sub 4:50 first mile that put him way out in front of the field. But Abert hung on valiantly. He finished 12th, one spot ahead of the defending state champ. Ahead of Webb and James. He was 4:42 at the mile, 6 seconds ahead of the field. Then he was in 15th at 2 miles, looking spent and then he dug down and found the gear the last mile.

That's what Abert has that is truly impressive to me. For two straight years he has looked on the verge of crumbling the second mile, only to rally impressively over the course of the final 800m, crest the final hill and finish strong. Despite his blazing first miles, he has actually improved his finish from 2 to 3 miles for back to back seasons. That's a remarkable display of heart and something that gives D11 fans hope for a title.

But beyond Abert, D11 has a team to get excited about. The boys from Freedom return 6 of their 7 boys from a 12th place finish last year. That may not sound like much, but keep in mind D11 has not had a top 10 team in the past decade. Their best finish in the last 12 seasons is 11th by Parkland. They have had a slew of teams finish in the 20s at states back when more teams were accepted to the state meet (which brings me to a slight tangent that I feel is important. D11 still sends two teams to states in AAA, the same amount as d12 and d6 combined. Think about that. LaSalle and Altoona are smacking themselves right now. And I think d11 is big enough they deserve 2 teams, honestly, but we need a slight change to this system because how can d12 and d6 not get a second team if d11 does? But I digress ...)

Freedom was a very solid team, that you could probably argue had an off day at the state meet and was a few better breaks from cracking the top 10. With most guys back and finding themselves with two straight years of valuable experience at the state level.

The state course takes a time or two to get used to it. And running a big race takes a time or two to get used to. That's why D1 teams tend to dominate these kind of meets. Yeah they are the biggest, but they see the best competition week in and week out. D1 guys have seen a variety of types of races and strategies, D11 guys have rarely ever been in a race that even remotely compares to states. Go out too hard youre cooked at the hills. Go out too slow you're buried and never moving up. You have to find your sweet spot and ride it. That takes practice. Look how much better Henderson was the second time around. Look how much better NA was the second time around. They were 5th and 4th at states with their young squads before getting a pair of golds and silver respectively. Russell is the only guy in the last decade who didn't medal at states the year before he won the state title. And he was 27th the year before they diluted the competition so he was a psuedo medalist in my opinion.

So that puts the D11 boys in a hole right away. One of my friends who ran for Nazareth hammered this point home to me and I agree. But Freedom has worked hard to erase that disadvantage, and it is a disadvantage you can combat with a carefully chosen schedule. Getting in Pre States and Paul Short are nice races that provide key experience and aren't horrible trips for D11 squads. Carlisle would be another nice meet for these squads to get involved with. I also think moving the district championships back to Lehigh would help them out a bit. Fast times, more confidence, less of a crazy, windy course. ( that's not windy as in wind that's windy as in lots of turns btw)

So what's so great about this freedom squad? Well last year they placed their top guy in the top 50 at the state meet, a big step forward. That was Ben Zeigler who will serve as the teams Senior leader. Freedom ran one of their best races of the year at pre states last year. They were 4th, ahead of Pennsbury and Lebo and just 18 points behind State College. Dan Quigley ran 17:03 at Pre States, a mark he failed to match at states. If he manages to come close to that mark at states, you are probably looking at a top 10 team. At pre states they averaged 17:30 and had a 59 second spread. At states they averaged 17:31 and had a 50 second spread. If they can time their peak better and have a better drop for the state meet, they will jump up a few spots. Certainly this could be a coaching issue, but remember coaches are learning a lot during this period too. The Freedom coach has turned these youngsters into studs and is slowly learning what kind of training it will take to peak at states. A lot of the best coaching methods are developed by educated trial and error. Then you get a system and churn out guys year after year.

At districts last year, Freedom dropped 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 13th on everybody. That's quite impressive. Zeigler beat out Gabe Lamm and Kevin Lapansky, too solid runners. Their spread was just 42 seconds. This was the kind of race they needed to have just a week later. This year that just may happen.

Beyond Abert and Freedom D11 has lots to be excited about. They return 13 of the top 14 from last years championships, including the top 8 finishers. Kev Lapansky has improved substantially training with Abert at Easton and ran in the 9:30s this past year. Gave Lamm was another break out guy for Whitehall last year. Whitehall and Emmaus both put together some excellent 4x8 squads as well.

I'm excited to see what d11 can bring to the table this year.

Running 101

So I decided that my first top 50 wasn't all that well thought so, heck why not drop a top 101 on everybody. Well here's the problem with that ... The natural variation and pure volume of names makes it impossible to pick basically 70 through 100 (30 names) from a set of 50-60 guys with comparable ability. And that's not even including the variety of kids I don't even know yet who will inevitably crack not just the top 100 but the top 50 and some all the way to the top 25. Anyone who had Andrew Marston and Casey Comber in their top 15 at the state meet please raise your hand and be recognized as a fortune teller.

But here's the thing ... I did the research, so why not throw down a list while I got some time to kill listening to the artic monkeys and taking a train home. So I'm gonna throw up a top 101 for the state but here's my rules about this post:

#1 I seperated everybody by tier. If two guys are in the same tier they are at the very least of quite similar ability and potential. So if you are going to argue my positions, argue for tier rather than number. 101 spots is just too many to get too specific with.

#2 If I left someone off the list, please share them here with a nice little bio or something. The cool thing about this list is that there should be lots of guys you can bring up who belong on this list and this gives us a great opportunity to share sleepers.

#3 Remember that in a week or two this thing is getting blown up and a new one will come out to account for the new round of data from the first meets of the year. So don't get too attached or too distraught.

#4 I'm gonna make a ton of mistakes typing out 101 name on my phone. Please politely correct my mistakes in the comments section. Don't take it personally. Also if you have insider information on injuries, moving, etc that influence these rankings please politely share below.

So without further ado, let's get to it. In reverse order ...
Tier 6- These guys are proven commodities who made the list over a slew of other talented borderline guys because I felt they had some specific bit of potential ready to be unleashed, or a certain school needed to have a name on the list or something like that. Not a lot seperated these guys from those just off the list.

101. G. Hepp, GFS
100. P. Grant, LaSalle
99. I. Braun, Mt Lebo
98. J. Weese, Canon Mac
97. J. Sussalla, Plum
96. T. Mays, Bensalem
95. J. MaGuire, CR South
94. D. Wilkinson, Red Land
93. S. Griswold, CRN
92. R. Fortuna, CB West
91. Z. White, West Allegheny
90. J. Daly, St. Joes Prep
89. R. James, Ohara
88. J. Heinauer, North Hills
87. G. Smith, Northeast Bradford

Tier 5: The difference or me between 6 and 5 is really all about upside. I see these tier 5 guys as having pretty similar cross chops to the tier 6 guys but they have big time upside based in track performance, training programs or a particularly impressive one off type performance.

86. E. Fadale, honestly forgot his school, I think it's Selingsgrove like his brother? It's a random one for sure
85. L. Upham, Northeast Bradford
84. D. Quigley, Freedom
83. G. Lamm, Whitehall
82. D. Diagcoma, Twin Valley
81. O. Seeber, Cumberland Valley
80. Y. Soliman, Cumberland Valley
79. A. Hanna, CR South
78. A. Demko, Hershey
77. G. Barchet, Henderson
76. D. Pastore, Ohara
75. J. Cooper, Conestoga
74. N. Sweet, dang it forget this one too, this probably will happen to a few more small school dudes unfortunately ... Probably shoulda wrote them down ...
73. B. Zeigler, Freedom
72. A. Stewart, Upper Dublin
71. A. Milligan, State College
70. S. Weidner, Lower Dauphin
69. J. Espinal, Wilson
68. M. Scarpill, CB South

That stretch of 5 are some of the most interesting guys for me these first couple weeks, especially Scarpill and Espinal, I'm buying stock in them both big time.

67. E. Kennedy, Kiski

Tier 4: This group has a bit more impressive true XC credentials than tier 5, but I don't see quite enough big time potential to move them up to tier 3. The names start getting a bit more familiar from here in my mind.

66. K. Lapansky, Easton
65. E. Graca, Fox Chapel
64. B. Delaney, Manheim Township
63. S. Smith, Towanda
62. E. Linderman, Canon Mac

Graca trying to prove 800 based guys can excel at cross. He could end up a Lobb or Rotz type, probably not enough of a miler to end up like Stone. Linderman getting a ton of hype right now so I'll be looking forward to him. Smith is a very popular singer right now. Oh wait wrong guy.

61. A. Sauer, Pennsbury
60. J. Luckanitz, Governor Mifflin
59. J. Degroot Lutzner, Masterman
58. C. Trimble
57. T. Quiggle, Seneca Valley

A 1:52 split and 4:21 guy at 61 and 60. That's nice depth. Luckanitz could move up a lot in my eyes. Quiggle showed nice range last year, he and Kolor should be fun.

56. D. Green, James Buchanon
55. D. Eddinger, Boyertown
54. T. Gunzenhauser, Mt Lebanon
53. W. Sponaugle, Hershey
52. R. Tung, North Penn
51. M. Kolor, Seneca Valley

Eddinger is one of my most intriguing stories for this season after he burned through the rest of the states best lead off men, coming from seemingly nowhere to join Mercado. Boyertown has produced Weller (1st), Dennin (1st), Kelly (3rd) in recent years. Nice company. I'm on the Kolor bandwagon for sure. And I think if there is no rain at WPIALs TGunz has a much more impressive 16 PR to his name.

50. B. Wilt, Biglersville
49. M. Kravitz, North Pocono

Tier 3: We have hit guys who's skills are undeniable. I see Tier 3 as guys who are splitting the borderline between good and great. I'm not ready to say these guys are great, but they are very good. We are at AAA state medalist types now.

48. J. DiContino, Wymossing
47. J. Hoey, Malvern Prep
46. D. Knudsen, Mifflin County
45. S. Hilverding
44. B. Szuhaj, Penn Charter

For the record that's Little Hoey, Jaxson is a bit farther up. Had no idea Knudsen was coming back this year. Big sleeper out of District 6 no doubt, I like what he did last year on the track. And Big Ben Szuhaj was top 40 in the region 2 years ago. That's a guy who could fly up this list when healthy. Also Hilverding shouldn't be this low. He just shouldn't he's too good, gonna have to fix that on the next version.

43. B. Arita, CR North
42. J. Connors, Wilson
41. J. Tidball, Tunkhannock
40. N. Morgan, Lakeland
39. C. Holm, Radnor

Just raddled off some of my favorite names. Morgan and Holm are stud milers, I'll be interested to see if Holm translates like I think he will. Morgan is a much more established XC force. Tidball is on the defending champs and continued to improve during track last spring. I think he could be top 5 in AA states this year.

38. Z. Skolnevich, Quaker Valley
37. K. Shinn, Wyomising
36. K. Gonoude, Salisbury
35. S. Seel, North Allegheny
34. A. Benka, Grove City
33. B. Wilson, Central Dauphin
32. E. Diestelow, West Chester East
31. Ryan Budnik, Grove City

Wilson is more impressive the more I examine his resume and CD does a nice job with their runners. Lots of great programs in this group including our first NA runner.

And just a quick note for all the kids out there hating on WC East and their "peaking too early", take a quick peak at the state and regional results for Mr. Chris Cummings. Top 15 and top 20 in the region at the end of November?  WC East does just fine with their dudes as proven by their great team in 2012, Cummings last year and Diestelow once he got healthy in track. Plus they have had a DMR make states in there. Sorry had to get that in there.

Tier 2: These kids are a step below Star. Not quite a state champ or district champ in my eyes right now, but if things break right they will be right in the mix for serious hardware.

30. J. Perlman, Lower Merion
29. C. Wills, Malvern Prep
28. H. Wharrey, North Allegheny
27. L. Delaney, Winchester Thurston
26. D. Stroh, Altoona

I have Wharrey and Wills a bit on the high side because I think being on a great team makes everybody a little bit better. Plus they have some nice resumes already.

For the record Altoona was sneaky good last year. They were nearly another LaSalle during XC, snagging a spot at states despite being screwed by the one spot for D6 rule. They barely lost to SC who was a clear top 5 team last year. Altoona probably was a top 7-10 team as well, but we never got to find out. Stroh was arguably their best guy last year, he was the district champ after all! Faust ended being the state medalist, however, and so he gets ranked up a bit higher.

25. J. Smith, Avon Grove
24. B. Faust, Altoona
23. B. McDevitt, Malvern Prep
22. S. Curtin, Mercyhurst Prep
21. W. Loevner, Wichester Thurston

McDevitt gets a big boost after seeing his sea isle 10 miler run performance. I run that race every year, even when I haven't run for the month leading up to the race. It's a really fun run regardless of how out of shape you are and it was worth all the pain. Plus I got to see a pack of Ohara boys blow by me a little over halfway through and let me know how underrated they were. It was a powerful message, especially because I was slowly crumbling to pieces ... But I digress

20. P. Power, Spring Ford
19. N. Dahl, GFS
18. Z. Seiger, Red Land
17. W. Kachman, Bedford
16. A. Knapp, Henderson

This is a group I'm really rooting hat for. Dahl is a super exciting soph with a ton of talent. I underrated Seiger tragically last version of this list, he's a pro at XC. Knapp is a nice guy, clutch runner and trying to carry on a big time tradition. Kachman is the closest I get to making an It's A Wonderful Life reference and who doesn't love those. And Power ran in the 15:30s last year right? And he was a state medalist? He went in like the last round of last years pre state fantasy draft (to team etrain)! How does that happen? Kid deserves some love.

Tier 1: The cream of the crop. Guys with district state and national type goals.
15. S. Ritz, GA
14. A. Marston, Conestoga
13. C. Comber, Horsham
12. A. Gebhardt, New Oxford
11. D. Perretta, Beaver Area

Really fast dudes. Perrettas potential is through the roof. Ritz is a 4:10 guy. The other three are proven sub 9:20 guys as Juniors. That's no easy task. Plus they were all top 15 Aaa guys last year. They are real solid.

10. J. VanKooten, Pittsburgh CC
9. M. McGoey, NA
8. Z. Brehm, Carlisle
7. D. Hockenbury, Lake Lehman
6. J. Brophy, CB East

Two guys I picked to win state titles recently (brophy, brehm) plus one of my favorites in McGoey and a guy who already won a state champ in Hockenbury. The last guy? Just a great miler with XC hardware, a district title and some nice lineage. Brophy is probably a decent amount of people's pick to win states and they are smart people. And look Brehm might be the best guy the state has seen since Craig Miller. He already has a slew of sub 4:10 marks and two state titles. If he wins in XC he becomes an all timer.

5. C. Abert, Easton
4. S. Webb, Pennsbury
3. J. Hoey, Malvern Prep
2. G. Molino, south Williamsport
1. K. James, Ohara

I will talk more about this top group in another post (I've been typing for an hour plus) but just know all these guys are studs and the fact that I can't bring myself to put a stud like Abert higher than 5th is absurd. It shows how excellent the depth is that the best guy in his class for 2 years is somehow 5th.

It's gonna be a really fun year.

State Champ Recipe

Becoming a champion is what every athlete dreams of. Sure you want to be the hero, you want score points or hit home runs, but the fantasy is never scoring 65 and losing or running 1:49 and finishing dead last. It's always going to be about winning.

But unfortunately there can only ever be one winner in a given race. Only one guy can call themselves the state champion (well thanks to the class system that's not completely true but I won't rant about that here ...). And because there can only be one, some fantastic athletes are going to finish second and third and beyond. It's a fact the best doesn't always win.

But what's so beautiful about our sports of cross country and track and field is that everybody has equal opportunity to win. And it doesn't matter what you did in any previous race, if you win, your the best on that day and no amount of debating or lobbying can change the fact that you won.

That's what everyone is chasing this year as the fall gets under way and it's a time of hope, dreams and a thirst to compete again.

So as everyone tries to become a champion, let me give you a recipe that I've noticed seems to be the mixture for state champions.

The first piece is that you need the talent. That's the obvious one. Drew Magaha had a furious kick, and could run 1:48 a few weeks removed from Mono. That guy was gonna be a champ one day without a doubt.

The second piece is luck. The same guy who ran 1:48 a few weeks off mono, didn't win a state championship his entire senior year. He got sick and maybe he picked the wrong event, but he was just worn down from an unfortunately timed illness. He ran the fastest time in the state at 16 and 800 that year, but he didn't get the title. That was from some old fashioned bad luck.

The third piece is experience and timing. You need a certain career arc to get the title. You need to pay your dues, learn how to run rounds, learn the intricacies of the Hershey course, and develop some tactics. I could pick on Drew again here (once he learned proper racing tactics at the end of the spring of his sophomore year he was practically untouchable) but I'll point to somebody like Jack Huemmler or Ned Willig instead. Huemmler had a close third, and a heart breaking second in the 16 on his resume going into indoors. He redefined his strategy, learned to kick to win and said screw times. Willig gained confidence after years at a high level, dropping 4:11 and 1:51 PRs and running the Millrose games. Look at the arc of a guy like Max Norris or Ethan Martin and the same rules apply. They were just due for a win and they got it.

And the last factor, what I argue the most important, is the proper motivation. The key word here being proper. Everybody is motivated. You don't do this crazy sport without being motivated. But the guys who win have an extra something, something that you only gain after a tough loss or a bad break. If you look at every champ they have it.

Just look at the career arc of somebody like Tony Russell. As a sophomore he finishes 27th at states, just out of the medals. He can't quite grab a top medal in the mile or 1600 on the track. He's pissed about that and he's extra pissed because idiots like me keep saying he's too inexperienced and too young to win a state title. Plus he knows Henderson isn't winning the title unless he is 1st. Literally. So he runs one of the best, most intelligent XC races and gets his state title.

The next track season, people are singing his praises, he has the confidence but not the f you attitude of old. He loses some tough races on the track. He has some heartbreaking losses, including one on a national relay. He deals with injury.

That gives him the fire back. He's a man on a mission to become the best XC runner in state history. He adds his name to the sub 15 club and wins another state title. When the dust clears he's the best XC that I've watched in my decade or so of following the sport.

The proper motivation makes a good runner great.

This isn't just one example either. Think North Penn after they were knocked around at districts in 2011, a week later they are pulling off an unreal upset. Ross Wilson, outkicked at outdoor states in 2013, finds an unreal gear and runs one of the almost impressive 3200m marks in state history. Rico Galassi in 2013 after Shearn outkicked him. Shearn in 2012 after Trueman outkicked him.    Curt Jewett after the DQ. Curt Jewett straight up stole a 800 title from a bunch of guys with way faster PRs because he was in hard core pissed off killer mode.

My favorite stories are probably Ryan Gil and Wade Endress, although my teammate Palmisano has a good one as well. Or maybe Crits in 08. You will notice I'm rambling here like crazy? It's because there are so many examples of this it's absurd! I could write a book!

So there you go. There's the recipe. Now let's look to apply it. Just for fun.

The first bullet was most talented. That's a tough one to say. There certainly isn't a Magaha or Russell type talent on the radar right now, but I think the most talented guy is Dom Perretta from Beaver. The kid ran 1:52 as a soph and took double gold at AA states. Unreal poise for the moment, excellent race tactics. And don't take talented as an insult. Lots of runners want to do that which I never understood. It doesn't mean the guy doesn't work hard or want it because I know he does, he just also happens to have some natural gifts. Other candidates here: Brehm, Molino, Hockenbury

The experience thing fits lots of dudes. Kev James has been up there plenty of times. A couple other dudes already have state titles. As an XC guy, Abert might be most experienced because he has been unafraid to lead big races and has been grabbing district titles for years. But obviously all the D1 guys have a big leg up here. Sam Webb and Jake Brophy for sure. They have been racing the best guys twice a week for years. And Brophy has had quite the nice career arc for himself. As a sophomore he mixed it up in a variety of races. He battled some great XC guys, in a wacky an fast paced 3k indoors he put on a huge kick and almost got 2nd there. He got some Penn Relays big moment experience and ran a gutsy 4x8 leg against some true 800 guys when he is probably a 32 guy at heart (but could definitely run some sweet times at 16).

Luck is just that, luck. I hope the various studs we have seen suffer injuries in the past are healthy and ready to go by November.

And then the motivation. The key to put you over the top. Who takes the key there. Kachman qualifies big time from Bedford. A true underdog who is under appreciated without a doubt and has had a slew of second places and tough losses in his first two years. He is only gonna be a junior and has a nice rivalry with Hockenbury already. That's gonna be a fun race. Plus you got Abert, 2nd at states and a near miss at Footlocker regionals. Griffin Molino after his finish to his track season after his fast start resembles Tony Russell a lot right now. Maybe even Matt McGoey who has been waiting patiently behind the Martin twins and teammates who were stealing his spotlight.

My guy is probably Kev James though. Two tie breaker losses for the team title. A close call at XC states. A fantastic double at PCLs as a soph but still had trouble getting by Coyle. Runs 9:03 and ends up just 4th in an absurdly loaded 32. Huge 1200 legs but no Penn Relays title (although he does have a national title and state record which is pretty darn good ...). Even his last race of this past spring was a tough loss: he goes toe to toe with Reiny Barchet, who drops a massive PR to take the W. This a year after James runs a great 4:14ish mile as a soph but is easily overshadowed by Ritz and Brehm. Even the nationals race wasn't even his moment. Belfatto stole the show with that 4:11 and Smart ran a sick leg as well. I think this guy is sick of being in somebody else's shadow and might be ready to put all the close calls behind him and get his first state gold.

But really you never know. And in the end, no matter what the talent, experience, luck and motivation says none of it actually matters.

Whoever crosses the line first wins. Period. End of discussion. No bloggers or posters are really necessarily.

Thankfully that day doesn't come Til November ..... Let the debates begin

The Final Legs of Heat 2 of the DMR

1. Cox-Finn 56.6
2. Smart 55.1
3. Lefebure 55.1
4. Wolffe 56.9
5. Brooks 56.9
6. Tonzo 54.9
7. Burns 56.9
8. Sauer 55.2
9. Magee 56.9
10. Grace 56.6
11. Graca 55.0
12. Collins 54.3
13. Simmons 56.9
14. Dickson 56.7
15. Post 55.7
16. Coburn 55.4
17. Huang-Hobbs 58.6
18. Replogle 57.1
19. Ferraiolo 55.8

2400m (3rd Exchange)
1. Lefebure 1:51.0 (5:40.1)
2. Smart 1:52.0 (5:41.1)
3. Cox-Finn 1:54.8 (5:41.2)
4. Wolffe 1:55.6 (5:43.7)
5. Brooks 1:56.1 (5:44.6)
6. Sauer 1:52.8 (5:46.1)
7. Tonzo 1:52.8 (5:46.2)
8. Grace 1:54.2 (5:46.5)
9. Magee 1:55.3 (5:47.0)
10. Graca 1:53.2 (5:47.2)
11. Burns 1:55.8 (5:47.3)
12. Collins 1:53.0 (5:48.1)
13. Coburn 1:53.4 (5:48.4)
14. Post 1:54.7 (5:49.4)
15. Huang-Hobbs 1:57.5 (5:49.4)
16. Dickson 1:56.0 (5:49.5)
17. Simmons 1:56.6 (5:49.8)
18. Replogle 1:55.7 (5:50.6)
19. Ferraiolo 1:54.3 (5:50.7)

1. Barchet 62.2
2. Belfatto 61.2
3. Rivera 61.2
4. Farrell 62.9
5. Willig 63.9
6. Gil 62.1
7. Coyle 62.0
8. MaCauley 62.6
9. Webb 63.2
10. Martin 62.2
11. Huemmler 62.0
12. Comber 62.9
13. Ritz 61.0
14. Kunzweiler 62.0
15. Cather 61.8
16. Gregor 62.4
17. Endress 61.0
18. Wilson 62.0
19. Hoey 61.2

1. Barchet 2:04.6
2. Belfatto 2:03.9
3. Rivera 2:04.8
4. Farrell 2:06.5
5. Gil 2:05.2
6. Martin 2:05.7
7. Coyle 2:05.9
8. Ritz 2:04.0
9. Willig 2:09.7
10. MaCauley 2:06.9
11. Huemmer 2:05.6
12. Webb 2:07.6
13. Kunzweiler 2:05.3
14. Cather 2:04.8
15. Wilson 2:04.5
16. Endress 2:04.1
17. Comber 2:07.8
18. Hoey 2:04.5
19. Gregor 2:06.6

1. Barchet 3:08.0
2. Belfatto 3:08.2
3. Rivera 3:13.1
4. Gil 3:08.9
5. Farrell 3:12.2
6. Martin 3:09.9
7. Coyle 3:10.2
8. Ritz 3:08.0
9. Huemmler 3:09.4
10. Webb 3:12.6
11. MaCauley 3:12.3
12. Wilson 3:09.5
13. Hoey 3:09.7
14. Endress 3:09.8
15. Kunzweiler 3:12.1
16. Willig 3:16.9
17. Comber 3:13.8
18. Gregor 3:12.5
19. Cather 3:12.9

4000m (Finish)
1. Barchet 4:10.6, Henderson 9:50.7
2. Belfatto 4:11.0, O'Hara 9:52.1
3. Gil 4:11.1, North Allegheny 9:57.3
4. Rivera 4:16.6, Bensalem 9:57.8
5. Coyle 4:11.0, LaSalle 9:58.0
6. Huemmler 4:11.0, Strath Haven 9:59.1
7. Ritz 4:10.0, Germantown Academy 9:59.4
8. Martin 4:12.8, Fox Chapel 10:00.0
9. Wilson 4:10.8, Council Rock North 10:00.6
10. Kunzweiler 4:12.6, Cumberland Valley 10:01.0
11. Endress 4:10.4, Altoona 10:01.0
12. Hoey 4:11.2, Malvern Prep 10:01.9
13. Webb 4:16.3, Pennsbury 10:02.4
14. Farrell 4:18.1, Wissahickon 10:02.7
15. MaCauley 4:16.8, North Penn 10:03.3
16. Cather 4:14.9, State College 10:04.3
17. Comber 4:17.3, Horsham 10:04.6
18. Willig 4:21.0, Great Valley 10:04.7
19. Gregor 4:15.5, CB South 10:05.0

Heat 2 of the DMR

1. Willig 58.8
2. Russell 58.9
3. Francis 59.1
4. James 59.8
5. Cho 60.0
6. Coburn 60.5
7. Stone 60.5
8. Beiech 60.7
9. Trimble 60.8
10. Mountain 60.9
11. Adams 61.1
12. Hibbs 61.1
13. Zingarini 61.2
14. Martin 61.2
15. Waddington 61.3
16. Mcdevitt 61.3
17. Seelaus 61.4
18. Harriman 61.4

1. Russell 1:59.5
2. Willig 1:59.7
3. Francis 1:59.9
4. James 2:00.7
5. Hibbs 2:01.8
6. Stone 2:02.1
7. Cho 2:02.3
8. Zingarini 2:02.4
9. Martin 2:02.7
10. Mountain 2:03.3
11. Trimble 2:03.6
12. Waddington 2:03.9
13. Beiech 2:04.2
14. McDevitt 2:04.2
15. Harriman 2:04.3
16. Coburn 2:04.4
17. Seelaus 2:04.5
18. Adams 2:05.1

1. Willig 2:58.8
2. Francis 2:59.1
3. Russell 2:59.3
4. Cho 3:01.1
5. Stone 3:01.4
6. James 3:01.4
7. Trimble 3:03.5
8. Hibbs 3:04.0
9. Martin 3:04.4
10. Zingarini 3:04.5
11. Beiech 3:04.7
12. Harriman 3:05.1
13. Coburn 3:05.1
14. Waddington 3:05.4
15. Mountain 3:06.0
16. Mcdevitt 3:06.4
17. Seelaus 3:06.9
18. Adams 3:06.9

1600m (2nd exchange)
1. Elijah 47.3 (3:46.4)
2. McCary 49.3 (3:48.1)
3. Stellato 47.4 (3:48.5)
4. Gallen 47.7 (3:49.1)
5. Hall 49.8 (3:49.1)
6. Dempster 47.5 (3:51.5)
7. Hardy 50.3 (3:51.7)
8. Gaibler 48.8 (3:52.3)
9. Wahlman 48.7 (3:53.2)
10. Snorweah 48.2 (3:53.3)
11. Luoco 48.7 (3:53.4)
12. Hynes 48.1 (3:53.5)
13. Mawhinney 49.6 (3:54.0)
14. Shisler 47.8 (3:54.7)
15. Stamford 48.9 (3:54.9)
16. Bush 49.9 (3:55.0)
17. Zaza 48.2 (3:55.1)
18. Bruer 50.0 (3:56.4)

DMR Line Ups

So here are my projected starting line ups for the final heat of the DMR. Please let me know if there is a team I'm missing or if you have some information that suggests a different order or group of names is best. I will be getting to work on writing up the race ASAP so get back to me quickly.

Great Valley: N Willig, McCary, Wolffe, M Willig
Cumberland Valley: Coburn, Bush, Flynn, Kunzweiler
CRN: Zingarini, Whalman, Simmons, Wilson
Henderson: Russell, Hall, Lefebure, Barchet
O'Hara: James, Gallen, Smart, Belfatto
LaSalle: Stone, Hardy, Magee, Coyle
Bensalem: Rivera, Elijah, Cox Finn, Francis
Pennsbury: Sauer, Snorweah, O'Connell, Harriman
State College: Adams, Shisler, Post, Cather
Altoona: Mountain, Stamford, Replogle, Endress
Strath Haven: Seelaus, Zaza, Collins, Huemmler
North Allegheny: Beiech, Luoco, Tonzo, Gil
North Penn: Trimble, Gaibler, Grace, MaCauley
Wissahickon: Cho, Stellato, Brooks, Farrell
Horsham: Hibbs, Dempster, Burns, Comber
Fox Chapel: Martin, Marrinweh, Graca, Martin
Central Bucks South: Waddington, Hynes, Dickson, Gregor

The Conclusion of Heat 1

1. Quiggle 58.2
2. Jenkins 56.1
3. Boucher 56.3
4. Dougherty 56.7
5. Waterman 57.0
6. Horgan 55.5
7. Koehler 56.0
8. Hodgins 58.3
9. Emmanuel 56.1
10. Yannacone 55.8
11. Wiseman 53.4
12. Ferris 56.7
13. Nole 56.1
14. Mercado 55.7
15. Harkins 57.9
16. Fitzgerald 58.2
17. Carroll 58.0

2400m (third exchange)
1. Jenkins 1:54.1 (5:48.3)
2. Waterman 1:54.7 (5:49.1)
3. Wiseman 1:49.9 (5:49.6)
4. Dougherty 1:55.2 (5:49.7)
5. Boucher 1:55.6 (5:49.8)
6. Kohler 1:54.1 (5:50.1)
7. Quiggle 1:58.1 (5:50.1)
8. Yannacone 1:53.1 (5:50.3)
9. Horgan 1:53.9 (5:50.3)
10. Emmanuel 1:54.1 (5:50.5)
11. Mercado 1:53.0 (5:51.2)
12. Nole 1:54.1 (5:51.7)
13. Ferris 1:55.1 (5:52.0)
14. Hodgins 1:58.6 (5:52.7)
15. Harkins 1:57.8 (5:55.0)
16. Fitzgerald 1:57.7 (5:56.4)
17. Carroll 1:58.1 (5:58.8)
1. Barnhill 63.3
2. Aziz 62.6
3. Logue 62.2
4. Garfield 62.8
5. Izewski 62.9
6. Kolor 62.9
7. Tellin 63.4
8. Kelly 62.1
9. Israel 63.1
10. Burkhardt 63.4
11. Kazanjian 63.7
12. Ayers 63.3
13. Marston 63.4
14. Dollago 62.9
15. Schrom 62.0
16. Caldwell 62.2
17. Brehm 61.1

1. Logue 2:05.3
2. Aziz 2:06.9
3. Barnhill 2:07.8
4. Garfield 2:06.9
5. Izewski 2:07.0
6. Kelly 2:05.9
7. Burkhardt 2:06.9
8. Israel 2:06.9
9. Kolor 2:07.7
10. Tellin 2:08.3
11. Kazanjian 2:07.8
12. Ayers 2:07.0
13. Dollago 2:06.3
14. Marston 2:07.2
15. Schrom 2:04.8
16. Caldwell 2:05.6
17. Brehm 2:03.7

1. Logue 3:11.4
2. Barnhill 3:14.2
3. Izewski 3:13.2
4. Aziz 3:14.0
5. Kelly 3:12.6
6. Burkhardt 3:13.8
7. Ayers 3:13.0
8. Kolor 3:14.6
9. Schrom 3:10.0
10. Dollago 3:12.8
11. Kazanjian 3:15.0
12. Marston 3:14.1
13. Garfield 3:16.8
14. Brehm 3:07.7
15. Caldwell 3:10.6
16. Israel 3:16.9
17. Tellin 3:17.9

1. Logue 4:13.7 (10:03.8)
2. Burkhardt 4:14.8 (10:05.1)
3. Brehm 4:07.3 (10:06.1)
4. Aziz 4:17.1 (10:06.2)
5. Barnhill 4:17.9 (10:06.2)
6. Izewski 4:17.8 (10:07.6)
7. Ayers 4:16.7 (10:08.4)
8. Kelly 4:17.2 (10:08.4)
9. Caldwell 4:12.2 (10:08.6)
10. Dollago 4:15.9 (10:08.6)
11. Kazanjian 4:18.1 (10:08.6)
12. Schrom 4:13.8 (10:08.8)
13. Kolor 4:19.8 (10:09.9)
14. Marston 4:18.0 (10:10.0)
15. Tellin 4:21.2 (10:11.0)
16. Garfield 4:21.4 (10:11.0)
17. Israel 4:21.0 (10:11.4)

DMR Heat 1

Hopefully this will help clear up some questions. Remember we are still going with the 2011 and after group of runners. So here we go

GFS: Wistar to May to Waterman to Aziz
DT East: Auer to Ramkumar to Fitzgerald to Caldwell
Carlisle: Padgett to Collins to Carroll to Brehm
Pennridge: Olindo to Stenderowicz to Kohler to Logue
Tunkhannock: Damiani to Colley to Nole to Ayers
CR South: Doyle to Reick to Wiseman to Garfield
Holy Ghost Prep: Kardish to Philliph to Horgan to Israel
CB East: Brophy to Brophy to Boucher to Izewski
Unionville: McDonald to Peabody to Yannacone to Burkhardt
DT West: Leidal to Robinson to Jenkins to Barnhill
Seneca Valley: Foster to Philogene to Quiggle to Kolor
Mt. Lebanon: Moran to MaCoskey to Dougherty to Tellin
Boyertown: Eddinger to Asplan to Mercado to Kelly
Perk Valley: Garton to Keller to Hodgins to Dallago
Central Dauphin: Wilson to Huff to Harkins to Schrom
Penncrest: Miller to Robert to Emmanuel to Kazanjian
Conestoga: Sjoreen to Cook to Ferris to Marston

1. Eddinger 61.0
2. Moran 61.2
3. Garton 61.2
4. Miller 61.5
5. Foster 61.5
6. Doyle 61.6
7. Damiani 61.7
8. Olindo 61.7
9. Kardish 61.8
10. Brophy 61.8
11. Sjoreen 61.8
12. Leidal 61.9
13. Wistar 61.9
14. Wilson 62.0
15. Auer 62.0
16. McDonald 62.1
17. Padgett 62.2

1. Moran 2:02.7
2. Foster 2:03.4
3. Eddinger 2:03.6
4. Leidal 2:03.9
5. Wistar 2:04.1
6. Garton 2:04.1
7. Brophy 2:04.1
8. Kardish 2:04.2
9. Sjoreen 2:04.3
10. McDonald 2:04.8
11. Doyle 2:05.7
12. Padgett 2:06.0
13. Olindo 2:06.5
14. Auer 2:06.8
15. Wilson 2:06.8
16. Miller 2:07.2
17. Damiani 2:07.4

1200m (First Exchange)
1. Moran 3:04.4
2. Foster 3:04.8
3. Garton 3:04.9
4. Brophy 3:05.5
5. Leidal 3:05.8
6. Wistar 3:05.9
7. Sjoreen 3:06.0
8. Kardish 3:06.6
9. Eddinger 3:06.9
10. Wilson 3:07.1
11. Doyle 3:08.1
12. McDonald 3:08.2
13. Miller 3:08.4
14. Damiani 3:08.4
15. Olindo 3:08.5
16. Auer 3:09.2
17. Padgett 3:10.9

1600m (Second Exchange)
1. Philogene 47.2 (3:52.0)
2. Keller 49.2 (3:54.1)
3. Brophy 48.7 (3:54.2)
4. Robinson 48.4 (3:54.2)
5. May 48.5 (3:54.4)
6. MaCoskey 50.1 (3:54.5)
7. Stenderowicz 47.5 (3:56.0)
8. Robert 48.0 (3:56.4)
9. Philliph 49.8 (3:56.4)
10. Cook 50.9 (3:56.9)
11. Peabody 49.0 (3:57.2)
12. Huff 50.1 (3:57.2)
13. Colley 49.2 (3:57.6)
14. Asplan 51.3 (3:58.2)
15. Ramkumar 49.5 (3:58.7)
16. Reick 51.6 (3:59.7)
17. Collins 49.8 (4:00.7)

So it will be Seneca Valley, Perk Valley, CB East and DT West after the first two legs ....

I'm going to try this new thing called building suspense and see if that makes these any more interesting .... so yeah tune in tomorrow for the conclusion!

4x8 Finals

4x800m Finals
Bensalem: Rivera, Holley, Cox Finn, Francis
Penn Hills: Wilhoite, Caitlin, Squirees, Bailey
LaSalle: A. Stone, B. Stone, Magee, Coyle
Abington: Watson, Taylor, Smith, Moran
Ohara: James, McAndress, Smart, Belfatto
Strath Haven: Seelaus, Collins, Butera, Huemmler
State College: Adams, Post, Wright, Cather
Henderson: Thompson, Russell, Chaborek, Lefebure
Cumberland Valley: Souleiman, Flynn, Coburn, Kunzweiler
CR South: Doyle, Garfield, Wiseman, Dreeman
Pennridge: Olindo, Koehler, Stenderowicz, Logue
CB West: Metzler, McGarvey, Bee, Manley

And because it was discussed I thought it might be fun to throw in the 2009 CB South team
Dickson, Manion, Poiesz, Mallon

1. Rivera 54.4
2. Wilhoite 54.6
3. Stone 54.7
4. Watson 55.2
5. James 55.8
6. Seelaus 56.0
7. Adams 56.1
8. Thompson 56.1
9. Souleiman 56.2
10. Dickson 56.2
11. Doyle 56.5
12. Olindo 56.7
13. Metzler 56.9

1. Stone 1:51.4
2. Rivera 1:52.1
3. Wilhoite 1:53.7
4. James 1:53.8
5. Thompson 1:54.1
6. Souleiman 1:55.2
7. Seelaus 1:55.6
8. Adams 1:55.6
9. Dickson 1:55.6
10. Watson 1:55.6
11. Doyle 1:55.8
12. Olindo 1:56.0
13. Metzler 1:56.0

1. Russell 54.3
2. Holley 57.2
3. Stone 57.8
4. Taylor 53.9
5. Collins 54.0
6. Flynn 54.4
7. Caitlin 56.2
8. McAndress 56.8
9. Post 54.9
10. McGarvey 55.3
11. Manion 55.7
12. Koehler 55.8
13. Garfield 57.5

1. Russell 1:52.5 (3:46.6)
2. Stone 1:56.2 (3:47.6)
3. Flynn 1:52.6 (3:47.8)
4. Collins 1:52.8 (3:48.4)
5. Taylor 1:52.9 (3:48.5)
6. McGarvey 1:52.9 (3:48.9)
7. Holley 1:57.8 (3:49.9)
8. Caitlin 1:56.2 (3:49.9)
9. McAndress 1:56.3 (3:50.1)
10. Post 1:54.5 (3:50.1)
11. Koehler 1:54.1 (3:50.1)
12. Manion 1:54.9 (3:50.5)
13. Garfield 1:56.0 (3:51.8)

1. Chaborek 56.0
2. Coburn 54.9
3. Magee 56.8
4. Smith 55.9
5. Poiesz 54.4
6. Bee 56.0
7. Cox Finn 55.2
8. Wiseman 53.3
9. Smart 55.1
10. Squirees 56.0
11. Butera 57.7
12. Stenderowicz 56.3
13. Wright 56.3

1. Chaborek 1:53.5 (5:40.1)
2. Coburn 1:53.2 (5:41.0)
3. Wiseman 1:49.8 (5:41.7)
4. Smart 1:52.1 (5:42.2)
5. Bee 1:53.7 (5:42.6)
6. Magee 1:55.4 (5:43.0)
7. Poiesz 1:52.8 (5:43.3)
8. Smith 1:55.5 (5:44.0)
9. Cox Finn 1:54.7 (5:44.6)
10. Wright 1:55.6 (5:45.7)
11. Stenderowicz 1:55.9 (5:46.0)
12. Squirrees 1:56.1 (5:46.0)
13. Butera 1:57.9 (5:46.3)

1. Lefebure 54.6
2. Kunzweiler 54.1
3. Manley 53.9
4. Belfatto 54.6
5. Mallon 53.8
6. Coyle 54.7
7. Moran 54.1
8. Francis 53.8
9. Dreeman 57.7
10. Cather 54.0
11. Bailey 54.0
12. Logue 54.1
13. Huemmler 55.0

1. Lefebure 1:51.2 (7:31.3)
2. Mallon 1:48.6 (7:31.6)
3. Kunzweiler 1:50.8 (7:31.8)
4. Manley 1:50.8 (7:33.4)
5. Francis 1:49.0 (7:33.6)
6. Coyle 1:51.5 (7:34.5)
7. Belfatto 1:53.2 (7:35.4)
8. Moran 1:51.7 (7:35.7)
9. Logue 1:50.7 (7:36.7)
10. Bailey 1:51.2 (7:37.2)
11. Cather 1:51.8 (7:37.5)
12. Huemmler 1:52.3 (7:38.6)
13. Dreeman 1:57.8 (7:39.5)

Dmr coming next so hit me up with squads you want to see involved!

Heat 3: 4x800m

Warning spelling errors and such are about to happen. Heat 3 of the 3. Remember top 2 from each heat and next 6 fastest on to the finals. I don't even know who made it yet so it will be a surprise to all of us. 

Wissahickon: Brooks, Ravetz, Cho, Farrell
State College: Adams, Wright, Post, Cather
Hershey: Brodeur, DeWille, Sponagle, Bekelja
CB South: Waddington, Chappell, Gregor, Dickson
CR South: Doyle, Dreeman, Garfield, Wiseman
Boyertown: Eddinger, Quay, Kelly, Mercado
Penncrest: Cassey, Miller, Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Cedar Crest: Cruise, Ditzler, Cruise, Galli
Conestoga: Marston, Ferris, Essex, Sjoreen
Downingtown East: McLaughlin, Auer, Caldwell, Fitzgerald
Central Dauphin: Wilson, Huff, Harkins, Schrom
Trinity: Edwards, Bricker, Pawlush, Gruschow
Quaker Valley: Hadfield, Fox, Hotchkiss, Westwood

1. Eddinger 56.7
2. Cassey 56.8
3. Waddington 56.8
4. Doyle 56.9
5. Adams 56.9
6. Brooks 57.0
7. Brodeur 57.1
8. Wilson 57.5
9. Edwards 58.0
10. Cruise 58.2
11. McLaughlin 58.4
12. Marston 58.5
13. Hadfield 58.5

1. Eddinger 1:55.0
2. Waddington 1:55.3
3. Cassey 1:55.3
4. Doyle 1:55.8
5. Adams 1:55.8
6. Brooks 1:56.0
7. Wilson 1:56.7
8. Brodeur 1:56.7
9. McLaughlin 1:57.7
10. Marston 1:57.8
11. Edwards 1:58.3
12. Cruise 1:58.5
13. Hadfield 1:58.5

1. Chappell 56.8
2. Miller 56.8
3. Wright 56.8
4. Quay 58.0
5. Dreeman 57.7
6. Ravetz 58.1
7. DeWille 57.4
8. Ferris 56.7
9. Huff 58.6
10. Ditzler 57.0
11. Bricker 57.5
12. Fox 57.6
13. Auer 58.4

1. Miller 1:55.4 (3:50.7)
2. Chappell 1:56.2 (3:51.5)
3. Wright 1:55.9 (3:51.7)
4. DeWille 1:55.7 (3:52.4)
5. Ferris 1:55.1 (3:52.9)
6. Ravetz 1:57.4 (3:53.4)
7. Quay 1:58.5 (3:53.5)
8. Dreeman 1:58.4 (3:54.2)
9. Fox 1:56.1 (3:54.6)
10. Huff 1:58.0 (3:54.7)
11. Ditzler 1:56.6 (3:55.1)
12. Auer 1:57.8 (3:55.5)
13. Bricker 1:58.1 (3:56.4)

1. Cho 54.2
2. Post 55.9 
3. Emmanuel 56.9
4. Gregor 57.2
5. Kelly 57.7
6. Cruise 56.2
7. Caldwell 56.0
8. Sponagle 58.1
9. Garfield 57.8
10. Essex 58.7
11. Pawlush 56.1
12. Harkins 57.8
13. Hotchkiss 58.2

1. Cho 1:50.2 (5:43.6)
2. Emmanuel 1:55.2 (5:45.9)
3. Post 1:54.8 (5:46.5)
4. Caldwell 1:52.7 (5:48.2)
5. Gregor 1:56.7 (5:48.2)
6. Cruise 1:55.0 (5:50.1)
7. Kelly 1:56.7 (5:50.2)
8. Garfield 1:56.1 (5:50.3)
9. Sponaugle 1:58.1 (5:50.5)
10. Essex 1:57.9 (5:50.8)
11. Pawlush 1:55.1 (5:51.5)
12. Harkins 1:57.4 (5:52.1)
13. Hotchkiss 1:58.4 (5:53.0)

1. Cather 54.4 
2. Farrell 57.4
3. Emmanuel 55.6
4. Wiseman 53.7
5. Galli 54.6
6. Mercado 54.5
7. Bekeleja 54.4
8. Dickson 56.7
9. Gruschow 55.3
10. Fitzgerald 58.6
11. Schrom 56.0
12. Sjoreen 57.3
13. Westwood 55.6

1. Cather 1:52.3 (7:38.8)
2. Wiseman 1:49.9 (7:40.2)
3. Emmanuel 1:54.3 (7:40.2)
4. Farrell 1:57.1 (7:40.7)
5. Bekeleja 1:52.5 (7:43.0)
6. Mercado 1:52.9 (7:43.1)
7. Galli 1:53.8 (7:43.9)
8. Gruschow 1:52.6 (7:44.1)
9. Dickson 1:56.1 (7:44.3)
10. Fitzgerald 1:57.3 (7:45.5)
11. Westwood 1:53.6 (7:46.6)
12. Sjoreen 1:55.8 (7:46.6)
13. Schrom 1:54.5 (7:46.7)