The Running Diaries Part I: For PDF or Kindle

Well, after a couple weeks of prep, I've completed the edits and reordering for Part 1 of The Running Diaries and it is ready for public consumption.

For those loyal readers who have been following along, most of this content has already been posted. However, it is reorganized into a bit more logical of a pattern, edited and there are a few additional chapter pieces added in there. 

If you'd like to receive either a kindle accessible version or a PDF version of Part 1, I decided I'm gonna sell it and see what happens. Here's how you can order it:

Venmo $1 to my account @jarrett-felix and comment the email address you would like to receive the file. Note that if you have a kindle and would like to read it on there, make sure you give me the kindle email address that it is going to. If you need more info on how that works just shoot me an email.

If you would like the friends and family discount, it's easy to get. Since you guys are my fans, I'll send you a free copy of the book if you email me a request at 

So, yes, there's no reason to pay unless you feel like you want to give back to the site with a small contribution. I never said I was a great businessman. 

As implied, this is Part 1 of the book. There will be 5 parts. Those of you reading along have seen pieces of 1 and 2 (and I think a little of 3). I've still got work to do to finish all of these parts, but I'm hoping to get a little extra motivation to keep churning it out if I know there's people waiting for it. So we will see how this goes.

So in summary. I've got a book. Youve got an email. Let's make a deal.

Stay classy.

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