Let's Get The Rankings Going

We've had some great discussion about the track classifications and I hope that can continue (most of the good stuff is in the comments on the All Other link below), but I want to get back to the XC team rankings for this upcoming season. As you may remember, I want to make this year's rankings a joint effort between myself and the fans. So I need you all to post up your top teams in the state so that I can incorporate them into the ranking system.

Here are all of your cheat sheets. Feel free to group everybody as one or separate by classification. Let's get some discussion going and hopefully have an interesting set of lists.

District One
District Three
All Other (Includes 1 A)


  1. CRN looks real strong to repeat. LsSalle and Dwest should be pretty good.

  2. Will any of the Etrain staff be in attendance at the West Chester Mile coming up?

    1. I think I'm gonna be there. Not a lock, but my goal is to be there. I think Garrett may make an appearance as well.

    2. But will you be running? and if so, in the hot heat?

    3. Oh I definitely won't be. I'm not in great shape right now (not that it matters as even in good shape I wouldn't be near the hot heat). But I'm pretty sure I'd get lapped if I ran against those guys from either of the top two sections.

  3. Shanahan is a sleeper pick.

    1. Hmmm. Depends. Does Josh think , , , 5 K so long. Me 800 guy. Ok . No do XC. Seem so long.

    2. With Affolders moving away he has a good chance at winning this now so he'll probably take XC as a priority this year.

  4. AAA:
    1. CRN
    2. DWest
    3. Seneca Valley
    4. Henderson
    5. Shanahan

    1. Dallas
    2. York Suburban
    3. Harbor Creek
    4. South Fayette
    5. Wyomissing

    1. Elk County Catholic
    2. Winchester Thurston
    3. Jenkintown
    4. Montrose
    5. Penns Valley

  5. AAA:
    1. CR North
    2. Seneca Valley
    3. DT West
    4. North Penn
    5. Bishop Shanahan
    6. LaSalle
    7. North Allegheny
    8. Mechanicsburg
    9. Mount Lebanon
    10. WC Henderson

    The top two look pretty clear, and DTW seems like it has the pieces to reload. After that, it’s tough. I might be a little high on North Penn, but I just have a feeling about them. Hoey’s gonna try, so I’m not worried about Shanahan. The toughest omission is Spring Ford. I originally had them at #10, but then realized that I left off Henderson. That’s a no-no. Other good teams: Butler, Parkland, Southern Lehigh, and whoever else is top 10 in D1.

    1. Dallas
    2. York Suburban
    3. South Fayette
    4. Greensburg Salem
    5. Harbor Creek
    6. Wyomissing
    7. Holy Redeemer
    8. New Castle
    9. Milton
    10. General McClane

    Dallas vs. York Suburban should be awesome. Greensburg Salem lacks depth, which will hurt them, but I think they can put 3 in the top 15 at states to make up for it. I have Milton as my sleeper, with Leeser leading the charge. Grove City and Quaker Valley are two traditional powers out west who are likely to make this list at some point.

    1. Winchester Thurston
    2. Elk County Catholic
    3. Montrose
    4. Northeast Bradford
    5. Southern Columbia
    6. Elk Lake
    7. Jenkintown
    8. Penns Valley
    9. Seneca
    10. Riverview

    I think this classification is the most up in the air. My first instinct was that Winchester was the clear favorite, but then I looked at Elk County Catholic a little harder. They might deserve to be the real #1. It sucks that D2 and D4 only get one spot each, which means Elk Lake/Montrose and NE Bradford/Southern Columbia will be very intriguing. I really don’t know a lot else about A, but I will say that any team that can get 5 guys under 18-mid or so is a contender.

    Huge shout-out to Train for putting those Cheat Sheets together. I pretty much used those as the sole resource for doing these rankings.

    -Jiminy Cricket