Hotel Warner West Chester Mile

Tonight (August 10th) will be another edition of the West Chester Mile at Henderson High School. Some of the best athletes from the United States will be on display including Craig Engels, Kyle Merber, Emily Lipari, Angel Piccirillo and more! Here's a schedule along with links for the website and full elite entries. TheRealTrain OGs Jarrett and Garrett will be there and we hope to see you guys out there as well.

6:40-Hoka One One Citizen's Mile Section 2      
6:50-Wednesday Knights Citizen's Mile Section 3
 7:00-John Serock Catering Citizen's Mile Section 4    
 7:10-West Chester Running Company Citizen's Mile Section 5 Citizen's Mile Section 6          
   7:30-Mercedes Benz of West Chester Elite Women's 800 meters.  
    7:38-McCaffrey All State Men's Elite 800 Meters        
   7:50 Worday Citizen's Mile Section 7            
7:57-Tolsdorf Oil Lube Express Citizen's Mile Section 8    
8:05-Burkholder Brothers Citizen's Mile Championship                
8:20-CTDI Elite Women's Mile              
8:30-ServiceNow Elite Men's Mile    

Event Website:
Elite Entries:


  1. It was a fantastic event as usual. More PA alumni should run next year though. Nobody cares about your time today, just show up and run and enjoy reminiscing with old competitors/friends.

  2. Heard the bar was lit afterwards and was essentially a PA reunion with some elite guys also hanging out. - 6 G.O.D.

  3. Official practice starts tomorrow.

    1. Heard from a source close to etrain that top 10 team rankings are coming out tonight for all classifications. I'm definitely not etrain though so who knows if that is true.